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So, here are some things that happened this week, and please insert requisite apology for not posting here.

1. Spring cleaning is going really well. In fact, as of today, we have a drum set, at least three boxes of books, a massive graveyard of computer parts, and about a third of my clothes (I’m not kidding) out of the house. The Girl is going through her room and playroom too, and we’ve got another large – like huge Rubbermaid tote plus a bunch – lot of her stuff to get rid of so far. So that’s good news.


2. Work is going well. The book I edited last year, about York County’s one-room schoolhouses, won an award as the best niche publication in our circulation category in the Keystone Press Awards.

3. I’m going to visit family for Easter and really looking forward to it.

4. For all those good things, something bad had to happen. And oh, has it, in the form of our car (which Hubby and I share, given our two-block commute to work). I’ll start by saying that noises like this should not come from under anyone’s car hood, ever.

After having it in the shop about four times since October, they were finally, this Monday, able to diagnose the noise as having to do with our air compressor. This will cost about $950 to fix, and that’s after the four new tires I put on last month, and the radiator hoses before that, and the cabin air filter, regular air filter, oil change… oh, and the inspection that’s due before the end of May. Yeah, that.


Well, we took the car to the shop on Monday, because after I made a trip to Hershey, it was not only making a terrible racket, it smelled sort of burning-like. Hubby took it over and walked back to work, and eventually, they were able to call and tell us what was up. I promptly told Hubby, we had a moment of near-weeping (OK, that was more me than him), and we told the guys at the shop that we could in no way do this work now, because of the cost. They assured us it would hold up for at least a while longer, though no guarantees on how long. So, at that point, I thought Hubby would go back and get the car.

At 7:25 that night, I realized that I had to leave RIGHT THEN to go get Girl at Girl Scouts. Go over to Hubby. Ask for keys. Blank stare, followed by painful realization. Car. Shop. Oops. He runs – literally – two blocks or so to the garage. Guess what? Yep, they’d closed at 7. Car locked inside garage bay. Calls me on his cell phone and we start thinking fast. My mom is at a meeting at our church. (Oh, and her cell phone hasn’t worked for about a week.) Hmm…

Enter the lovely Cathy, our business editor, who drives me up to pick up Sarah at Scouts. That’s great, and at this point it’s mostly amusing, so no big deal, right?

Go home. Have a sinking feeling as we pull up to the house. House keys… with the car keys, at the garage, locked in the shop. And could this be the night Mom forgot to leave the door locked behind her? No! Of course not! So after trying all four outside doors, it’s back in Cathy’s car, and back to the office, where Sarah and I sat and waited, calling the house every so often to see if Mom had yet arrived home.

Around 9:15, she did, and came to get us. Here’s the weird part. She swears the front door was unlocked when SHE got home.

Only thing I can figure, the VERY LARGE, HEAVY dog might have been laying against it (he does that), preventing me from getting in.

Otherwise, I blame poltergeists with a really mean sense of humor!!

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