A new year of letterboxing

Of course, if you’ve been following the ol’ blog here for a while, you’ll remember our family’s quest last summer for all 30 “letterboxes” in the “Catch the Activity Bug” summer library program.

Yes, we found all 30, and WOW, was it a great way to spend the summer.

This year, the program continues again, with the kids being asked to make rubbings from 30 “creativity stations” instead of collecting ink stamps. (If you’ve got kids in your life – I really encourage you to take part; visit goyork.org and your library for details.)

So far, we’ve found our first three – one Wednesday at Farquhar Park in York, where we also found tons of ducks and geese, a beautiful heron and what we think might have been a baby hawk or vulture – and two Saturday at our favorite place, Pinchot State Park.
Here’s a shot that Hubby took of Sarah and I on “Pinchot’s Rocks,” a formation along one of the trails.


And here’s Hubby’s own blog post about our adventures so far. I was so happy; I think it was the first time I made HIS blog!

We’re looking forward to many more hikes this summer. In fact, by the time you read this, we might have found even more!

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