Going Dutch

Yes, I know you all love reading my blog. And we even get a little multicultural when we get comments from Mark, who tells us hello from Austria.
But here’s a real multicultural blog experience for you, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group’s newsletter from earlier this year.
Check out “Nau loss mich yuscht eppes saage! En Blog uff Deitsch”, billed as the only blog on the Internet written entirely in Pennsylvania Dutch.
Here’s what I can tell, with my VERY limited “Dutch” knowledge: The author is Douglas J. Madenford; he lived or lives in Reading; and he has degrees from Lock Haven University and – I think – is pursuing a Master’s degree at Millersville.
The second part of the title of the blog I translate as “A blog in Dutch.” The first part, though, completely escapes me. I tried translating it kind of word-for-word and came up with “Now leave me just (???) say.”
Anyone have any insight to offer? Or have any other Penna. Dutch sites to recommend?

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4 Responses to Going Dutch

  1. Hubby says:

    Using “German to English” translation on the first paragraph of the blog, I get:
    EN gude Freind vun me is Kunschtschulmeeschdern. It arewet at EN annere train as me. It laernt Kinner vun kindergarten to Zwelfde Yaahr. EN Owed waar it with me more fer Owed eats. It hot EN Daafschein vun meim large large Grossdaadi gsehne. She hot intends as it so schee waar. I it glee bissel to iwwer fracture expenditure-put. It hot graad gsaat, sell is eppes as I with mei Kinner makes can.
    More work clearly needs to be done.

  2. Mark Grubic says:

    A rough translation with a German insight…for the first line of the Blog title would be, I believe: Now let me say something…in German that would be: Noch, los mich euch etwas sagen…I think that’ pretty close…Well, back to work and daydreams of scrapple…lol
    Oh, Servus von Österreich!!
    Bis später,
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Der Douglas says:

    Hello Joan et al.
    I would like to thank you for linking my blog in your most recent post: “Going Dutch.” Your translations are very close but not 100%. This is totally understandable. Anyone who has studied German can understand a lot of PA Dutch, but there are differences. One of the goals of my blog is help keep the PA Dutch dialect alive in the 21st century. Through nice people like you guys, spreading the word is the best way of accomplishing my goal. Please don’t hesitate to visit my blog and / or forward any questions.
    Macht’s gut!
    -Der Douglas

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