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Why it’s “the Brogue” – one possibility

Remember my post last month on why so many locals call the village in Chanceford Township “the Brogue” instead of Brogue? A new commenter, Rita, helped me out with some insight on that question. (Hi, Rita!) She writes: As to … Continue reading

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And the cheese winner is…

Winner of my grilled cheese vs. toasted cheese name-game poll was… GRILLED CHEESE BY A LANDSLIDE! Sorry, those who voted for “toasted” cheese. I can see the argument either way. I would even say you could use them both, depending … Continue reading

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What to do with “empty boxes”

Biz reporter Sean Adkins recently blogged about and wrote a story about York County’s “big box” dilemma, in which we have an awful lot of large-scale retail space sitting empty. Some examples, and I’m sure you can come up with … Continue reading

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Back to work, back to the blog

The Concilio relatives have gone, I’m back at work, and we’re almost ready to resume our normally scheduled programming here on the blog. But first, you have to put up a quick wrapup of the weekend’s festivities; a bunch of … Continue reading

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Go Phillies, and go Concilios!

I’m out of town today at the Phillies game (part of the big family reunion extravaganza) but I wanted to show off something really cool that my sister Linda made yesterday for the big reunion get-together: Concilio brownies! You’re jealous, … Continue reading

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Hot dogs!!

Did you see today’s Living cover about National Hot Dog Month this month? We celebrated that month in BIG style last night. We’re having a family reunion this weekend, with all my dad’s brothers descending on our house. It’s been … Continue reading

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A long walk on the Rail Trail

Yesterday evening, Hubby, Sarah and I took Coby the dog for a LONG walk on the rail trail. We parked at Brillhart Station and headed two miles to the Howard Tunnel to find our next letterbox (this was No. 6), … Continue reading

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Another name-game poll

This one is easy and fun, brought to you by my friend and former coworker Megan. Bonus points: Comment and tell me either (a) why you voted the way you did or (b) if you think the are both valid … Continue reading

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Why Hubby is great

I pick on Hubby all the time on the blog – you know, referencing his purchase of “special” meat for lunch and his unusual marshmallow-grilling technique. But Chris is a great guy, and if I’m going to tell all of … Continue reading

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Dover fun follow-up

Last week, I took the family and headed out to the Dover Women of Today fun fest up in Dover, which you’ll remember came as a spontaneous invite from a couple of women I met while selling items online. I … Continue reading

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