And the cheese winner is…

Winner of my grilled cheese vs. toasted cheese name-game poll was…


Sorry, those who voted for “toasted” cheese. I can see the argument either way. I would even say you could use them both, depending on if you toasted the bread and then added the cheese, or if you grilled the whole thing.
We like putting ours under the broiler, which makes them much closer to “toasted,” but I guess I’d have to call them “broiled cheese” to be exact, and that’s just silly.
Here are some my mommy made me for lunch earlier this week:
Can you spot one of my favorite foods tucked into it? Comment and let me know! (C’mon, this is an easy one.)

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3 Responses to And the cheese winner is…

  1. Dana says:

    Bippity boppity BACON! That lunch looks goooooood …

  2. Jo says:

    Uh, Joan. The proper grilled cheese is flattened as it’s grilled. What’s in the photo is a cheese/bacon sandwich on toast!

  3. Mark Grubic says:

    Many many years ago when I worked at the Rutter’s Restaurant on Lightner Road, I would usually eat a Grilled Cheese with sauteed mushrooms and bacon in the sandwich. Yum…I know it’s a little late , there is my vote too…sorry…Oh and that’s how it was on the kids menu…Grilled Cheese.
    Since we are talking sandwiches…Fluffer Nutter anyone? Yumm Yum!!! One of my favorite Comfort foods!!!!

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