Bowling on the cheap

We’ve been spending a good bit of our summer bowling. It’s a sport I’ve liked since high school (I even bowled in leagues way back then), and that my daughter likes pretty well, too.
Hubby is… well, he tries. He’s a really good sport. (Sorry, Hubby!)
So when I heard about the Kids Bowl Free program, I thought it might be worth checking out. With no catch whatsoever, your child (18 and younger) can bowl two games every single day at no charge. (You do still need to pay for shoe rental, though.)
We also sprung for an upgrade (cost: $23.95) that allows up to four adults to bowl two games each per day, also at no charge. Since I have my own bowling shoes, Sarah and I can bowl two games together for a grand total of about $3 for her shoes. Not bad at all.
In York County, four alleys are participating: Colony Park Lanes North, Colony Park East, and Suburban Bowlerama in York, and the Hanover Bowling Centre in Hanover.
If you still want to sign up, you can do so at If you do – let me know. I’d be interested in doing a bowling meet-up with any of my readers with kids, definitely!
The “adults package” we bought gave us a chance for something else: To let my mom experiment with bowling for the first time in decades! That might sound weird, but she broke her rotator cuff back in the winter of 1993, and she still has limited motion in her right arm – and she’s right-handed. She used to love to bowl, but she knew she’d have to do it left-handed. So we convinced her to come along, and she did great. (Well, except for trying to pick up the ball with her right hand a few times!)
Here she is:
Now, here’s today’s POP QUIZ. If you know where this picture was taken and have been there in the last week, you’ll be able to answer. What has dramatically changed since this picture was taken?
Answer to come…

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