Royal Farms site work has begun!

It’s been a LONG time coming, but work has begun in earnest on the property along Route 74 in Dover Township across from McDonald’s – which was long ago home to a Jay’s supermarket, plus a bunch of other odds and ends since – that is slated to become a Royal Farms convenience store.

While driving by today, I got a couple of shots on my cell camera of the demolition of the old building there.

Take a look:


This is a view from the rear of the store, taken from along Grenway Road. You can see that a lot of the building has already been demolished.


This is the view from along Fox Run Road to the side. Action shot, of the heavy equipment knocking stuff down! Yes, don’t laugh at my photo skills, that cell phone camera is pretty hard to use.

So anyway, does anyone remember the Jay’s at this site? And even better, does anyone know what it was before it was Jay’s?

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6 Responses to Royal Farms site work has begun!

  1. Phil Warner says:

    I have faint memories of eating at the restaurant inside of Jays. But you know how some of those childhood memories are. Very hazy. I also know we would stop to get doughnuts sometimes for our Sunday School class. (My church was just a block away.)

  2. Photo Mat Employee says:

    Stop beating yourself up Captain Kodak—the picture was fine!!! And yes, I have very fond memories of eating at Jay’s—Loved picking out the steak I wanted the chef to prepare for my breakfast & really loved that they were open all night–or was that just the one in the city???Anyway, it was nice to eat at there…chances were pretty good that you’d run into somebody that you knew. Sense of family/community, you know???

  3. Photo Mat Employee says:

    Stop worring about the picture Captain Kodak, it was fine!!!! As for Jay’s, wow!!!Remember when you could pick out the steak you wanted the chef to cook for you?? And, there was always a really good chance you’d see somebody you knew at the restaurant too—sense of family/community that you just don’t find anymore..Miss that place!!! I have no idea at all what was there B/4 Jay’s had the bldg.

  4. Capt. K says:

    I used to go there all of the time with my parents. It had a very 70’s feel to it. The restaurant was on the left side of the store if you were standing on 74 and looking at it. It was one of three Jay’s Supermarkets and was locally owned. I swam in the owner’s pool-the kid across the street was his grandson. One was off of Roosevelt Avenue, near Pennsylvania and later became a health center of sorts. The final Jays and the last to remain open was on Haines Road. That location is now home to Ollies, and the restaurant was located on the right as you walked in the store. My fondest memory of the Rt. 74 location was playing football inside the store after they had removed all of the supermarket equipment. Here is a question for true Doverites-what did the McDonalds replace? In addition, what did the Walgreens bulldoze? Finally, can anyone name the succession of ownership of CVS?

  5. Mike says:

    I remember the McDonalds being the Dover Township Fire Station. I also remember the Walgreens being Nellie’s restaurant with a little motel or something on the Davidsburg Road side. I kind of remember a hardware store in the CVS building (maybe Spanglers hardware).

  6. Hubby says:

    Boy, I think that’s going to make an already-congested area even more congested….

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