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These are purple eggs!

Whether you call them red-beet eggs or pickled eggs, I think you can agree that they are indisputably purple eggs! See? Purple. Photos were graciously provided by my “unofficial Only in York County staff photographer,” Jo, who sent them to … Continue reading

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Bowling alley pop quiz answer

Well, no one bit on my “pop quiz” when I posted earlier this week about free bowling. That’s OK, I want to show this off anyway, because it’s cool. When we were there a while ago, here is what the … Continue reading

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Poll: Know your egg treats

So after making you think so much in yesterday’s post, here’s a fun and easy one that I thought I should get to before summer picnic season winds down… what do you call these eggs? (Image from RecipeZaar) Are they … Continue reading

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Marching band season begins again

Fall in York County, to me, means marching band. You might prefer that sport that uses our band field during some of the same events… you know, the one with quarterbacks and stuff? Yeah, whatever! Hahaha. I headed out to … Continue reading

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Bowling on the cheap

We’ve been spending a good bit of our summer bowling. It’s a sport I’ve liked since high school (I even bowled in leagues way back then), and that my daughter likes pretty well, too. Hubby is… well, he tries. He’s … Continue reading

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