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Lunch at Epex: Guess what I ate?

I had lunch at Epex Pretzels on Route 30 this week, and guess what I had? Aww, come on. It’s not even a challenge. What food do I always order? HOT DOGS! Sarah had a “pretzel cheese sandwich.” They piled … Continue reading

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Retail memories: Hess’s

Here’s a blast from the past: Does anyone remember Hess’s, the department store that used to be at one end of the (then-new) West Manchester Mall? I believe it was at the end that they expanded out and built the … Continue reading

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Baseball with the Revs

You have probably noticed that I’ve been going heavy on “things to do” around town in my recent blog posts. This is in an ongoing attempt on my part to be more well-rounded and talk about more than just food … Continue reading

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The wonder of hummingbirds

I’ve been excited this summer because a hummingbird has been visiting the large butterfly bush outside the front window of our house. Yesterday, while editing some reader-submitted photos to run in various sections of the paper, I came upon some … Continue reading

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