Worms everywhere!

Check out this awesome Wall Street Journal article about composting – including worm composting, with worms provided by a Spring Grove business!
Here’s video of the composting process, including the worms at work:

What do you think? Are you into composting at all? (Hubby is!) But what about the worm aspect? I kind of draw the line there…

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5 Responses to Worms everywhere!

  1. Doctor Partlow says:

    where can I get those thousand worms? I live in spring grove. too bad the doggies eat the leftover food.

  2. Jo says:

    “Nobody loves me,
    everybody hates me,
    I’m gonna eat some worms.
    Big ones, small ones. skinny ones, fat ones.”
    Or something like that!

  3. Mark Grubic says:

    Hi Joan!
    Well, it’s not food or dialect but I thought I would weigh in on this one….Composting is a great thing, here in Austria, many many people do it and it is a good way to become more ‘green’ for those looking to be so. Now the other York twist on this idea is the worms…being an outdoorsman I would look at the double bonus of composting AND fish bait…since the worms are working and reproducing, buying 1 bunch of worms for composting would almost definitley ensure a long, uninterrupted supply of fish bait! Wow, going green AND saving money…what a great way to be. Had to give you my 2 cents on this one!
    Bis Später,
    Von Österreich!

  4. Joan, great piece.
    I wanted to make mention of how temperature affects composting as this may be a consideration.
    I noticed that you did this video in the summer when most people will be wanting compost for their gardens.
    Winter months bring a halt to most outdoor composters, which is fine for gardening but what about your kitchen scraps?
    When temps drop the composting heat generated is lost. This loss of heat stops the composting process. The pile of food scraps will not degrade or reduce in volume. (Normaly, 2 inches of input results in an 1/8″ of compost.)
    Bring your worms inside so they will continue to eat.
    You really don’t want to bring in your non-worm composters as the smell is really bad. But, there are composters that are well insulted like the Green Compo Machine.
    Dr. Know, the garden pro, answers all gardening questions for FREE. ask@emailgardener.com

  5. Tracey says:

    We compost. We did throw in some worms, but you can just go to a bait shop and buy night crawlers and throw it in the mix. Worms will eventually feed on the material, but you’ll get it done faster with adding worms. We have a plastic container with a lid by the sink and any fruit or vegetable products go in there on their way to the trash and when it fills up we dump it in the backyard pile and start all over again. The lid keeps the fruit flies out and the smells in!

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