Gettysburg: Home of a big battle and a silent Y?

This installment of Yorkisms actually breaks the rules a little bit – we’re traveling a little bit west of the York County border!
Friend, former coworker and blog reader Beth, though, pointed out this to me, in response to my comments about how we talk in Pennsylvania:
“We natives know that the ‘y’ is silent in Gettysburg. It’s ‘Gettsburg.'”
That’s not one I’m guilty of, but I do admit I’ve heard it. Anyone from out Adams County way want to chime in on which is right?

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3 Responses to Gettysburg: Home of a big battle and a silent Y?

  1. me says:

    I am a native and I have never pronounced Gettysburg this way?? There is a “y” in the word, why would it not be pronounced….again making the smart people of York sound dumb!

  2. DianneB says:

    I’ve heard it pronounced “Gettis-burg” as well, even among the educated.
    Locals pronounce Lancaster as LANK-as-ter. Those new to the area say, LAN-cas-ter
    There IS a local dialect that can only be heard if you’ve ever lived OUTSIDE York Co.

  3. Greg says:

    I pronouce it Gettys – burg ..

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