Can you help this reader?

It’s “Vote for Your Favorite D of York County” week, and in honor, I pulled this question to see if anyone reading can help.
New commenter Marianne, in answer to my original Delco Plaza post, writes: “Can anyone remember the pizza place in Delco Plaza where you could get birch beer?”
I remember two eateries in Delco – one that was a sit-down restaurant, of which all I remember is that their glasses were red plastic – and one that was a pizza shop type, where I went once on a not-very-memorable first date. But I don’t know the names of either one, nor do I know which served birch beer.
Any thoughts? You guys were very helpful in identifying the pizza shop that used to be where the Moonlight Cafe is now; maybe you can help again!

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  1. Mike says:

    Here is a paragraph from a story on Delco was anchored by two department stores; Hills Department Store sat on the Route 30 side of the mall, while Grant City was at the other end. The mall also got a lot of traffic from the outlying Pathmark store which sat in a large building right next to Grant’s. Grant later became Kmart. Other stores in the mall included a five screen UA Cinema, which was the largest theater in York for many years and drew plenty of traffic, Bookland, a locally owned newsstand, the International Family Restaurant and Dipper Dan, a locally owned ice cream parlor.

  2. Doctor Partlow says:

    wasn’t it kt’s? and the pizza shop where the moonlight cafe was was one of my favorite sub shops. salvo’s, too bad the owner dude had to shoot himself. that place was awesome.

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