Can you help this reader identify a former restaurant?


Reader Kathy had some great memories of Avalong’s that I shared last week. But she has a question, too, and I’m hoping someone reading can help.

She writes: “Also, I am trying the remember the name of the seafood restaurant that used to be on Route 30 where the Hooters is now. It was also a night club that used to be called the Pink Panther (I think), but I think before that it was some type of seafood restaurant.”

Does anyone remember the Pink Panther or remember what seafood restaurant this might be? I get this location mixed up with what is now Haller Enterprises but which used to be Mr. T’s Intown and then later Riptides Steak & Seafood.

In here at work, we thought maybe it was a Long John Silver’s where Hooters is now – and this is even before the Long John Silver’s was where the McDonald’s is now, which was when the McDonald’s was where the Bob’s Spas is now on Route 30! And then we got started on, “Do you remember when Hooters burned in 2006?” That’s what’s pictured above.

But then I was talking to my mom and she said, no, Long John’s was where El Rodeo is now, and there was another restaurant, a sit-down type, where Hooter’s is. (She also has a funny story in which I told the waitress at said seafood restaurant, when she asked for my order, that I wanted Kibbles & Bits!) Anyway, that’s fine, but what the heck was it called?

So did you follow all that? Did we miss any other businesses in that wonderful area of Route 30? This is fun!

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6 Responses to Can you help this reader identify a former restaurant?

  1. ljr says:

    I can’t remember the exact name it was Fisherman’s I think or something like that. It was very popular.

  2. Mike says:

    The name of the seafood restaurant was Jolly Fisherman.

  3. Joe says:

    Al’s Diamond Cabaret… oh wait, that almost happened.
    Looks like lots of restaurants jockeyed positions along Rt. 30. KFC was where 5 guys is now.
    I don’t remember LJS being where El Rodeo is but I do remember RAX being in there.

  4. ljr says:

    just remember it was the Jolly Fisherman. We used to go there alot.
    I also don’t remember a LJS being where El Rodeo is. I remember a Popeye’s chicken being there.
    The only LJS I remember was where the McDonalds stand now in the parking lot of Weis at rt30 and George.
    Ok my memory is on overload now time to stop.

  5. Tracey says:

    Joe is confirmed. El Rodeo used to be a Rax we frequented when I was little. Not a LJS. For the longest time the closest LJS was in East York, almost in Dallastown/Red Lion area.

  6. db says:

    No….it was not a LJS where El Rodeo is, it was an Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips, does that jog some memories? I too remember Jolly Fisherman, that was a great seafood rest., they had excellent food, we were so disappointed when they closed.

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