Do you remember the North Mall?

I posted a long, long time ago about the North Mall, where The Crossroads or Manchester Crossroads is now along Route 30.

Didn’t hear many memories about it at the time, but in later posts, including my big roundup of stores of the past, I got a bunch of comments.

Wanted to share a few, and see what else you remember.


First of all, for some neat photos of this area, check out The Exchange, where a bunch are posted, including the one I pulled to post here. (Thanks to Joe for suggesting that I mention this topic; it’s a good one.)

Reader Susan Forrey shared a LOT of great memories of this complex. She writes: “North Mall stores I can remember – There was a Marianne’s (woman’s dress shop); Bon-Ton was on the one end as an anchor and J.M. Fields was the other anchor. Mailmans went into the Bon-Ton spot when Bon-Ton left. There was a Thrift Drug Store, a tobacco shop, The Fashion Bug (girls clothing store), a 5&10 store – maybe G.C. Murphy – Orange Julius, a mattress/bedding shop at the J.M. Fields end; a Thom McCann shoe store, a Radio Shack store. That’s about all I can remember. My husband gave me another restaurant that is closed – Legore’s on West Market Street. Then a Robert Hall clothing store.”

That’s a great set of memories – I must have been there hundreds of times and I can only remember Orange Julius, Thom McCann, Thrift Drug and maybe, if I stretch, I can remember going in Marianne’s. That name sounds familiar.

Another reader, John Loeper, seconded one of Susan’s memories. He wrote: “The North Mall’s biggest store was J.M. Fields. Shopped there many times. Also, anybody remember the ‘Two Guys’ store down the road a bit?”

More on Two Guys to come in a future post, including some other reader comments – that’s just some food for thought to jog your memories some more about the North Mall. Anyone else have a mall story to share?

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9 Responses to Do you remember the North Mall?

  1. Joe says:

    Since you said FOOD for thought I’ll add in that on the lower level I remember Horn and Horn smorgasboard (smorgasboard might be another topic for discussion around here sometime!)

  2. ljr says:

    I remember the North mall very well, Mom would take me there on Saturday mornings.
    J.M. Fields and Pantry Pride. My sister used to work at G.C. Murphy. Mom would buy lunch at the lunch counter in G.C. Murphy. There was also a Kenny shoe store there.
    The Horn and Horn restaurant came later and was situated where J.M. fields used to be.
    Such wonderful memories I have of that place!

  3. Jo says:

    Love the history and especially the photos. I can see what took place during all the years gone from from the Yrok area.

  4. Mike says:

    Linda worked at the Bon-Ton there after York Composition closed it’s doors. She eventually went to Hess’s in the West Manchester Mall right before Mailman’s moved in that space. We spent alot of time in that mall at the time.

  5. Betty Sipe says:

    I worked at the Bon Ton when I first got out of highschool in 1967. I think I can remember construction of other stores on the end toward the Susquehanna Trail while I worked there. I loved the Bon Ton, and working there. We all got to know each other and it was small enough to have a family type feel among us. We had a resturant in it at the back of the store> The menu wasn’t huge but it made it handy if we didn’t feel like going out some where to grab a bite to eat. There was a small pet department too, which none of the other Bon Ton’s ever had that I remember. I remember this in particular because there was a Myna bird that used to shriek, “HELLO! BIRDS DON’T TALK!” I was sorry to see the Bon Ton go under at that location. It was a nice store.

  6. Tracey says:

    I remember Legore’s hamburgers and an ex bf’s little brother who called Horn & Horn Trumpet and Trumpet. I had forgotten all about that until this post :)

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    My family loved Legore’s! Horn and Horn was good stuff too. So was the Italian restraunt upstairs…can’t remember the name.

  8. Buddy says:

    my dad was a security guard at the North Mall for a year or two…I remember it well

  9. melanie says:

    I remember j.m.fields well,we lived not far from there and my mom worked there in the pet department, she used to bring animals home on the weekends or evenings that couldn’t be left there alone, I remember this monkey she brought home hanging off the curtains and playing with here cigarettes, it was pretty funny. Do you remember Gino’s that was on the corner of the susquehanna trail and rt. 30, it was a fast food place. Oh what memories.

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