Easter is almost here; let’s talk about stuffing again!

Do you eat stuffing/filling/dressing for Easter?

We usually have a ham, so no stuffing, but one of my friends always has a big turkey, so that was enough to remind me that I wanted to talk again about this bread-based side dish.

In last fall’s official poll, stuffing beat filling by a wide margin. That said, though, I had forgotten to give a choice for “dressing” in that poll, so who knows how it really would have come out!

But, I got some great comments I wanted to share.

Tracey said, “I actually couldn’t vote on this one. My Mom’s side of the family is hardcore Pa. Dutch. My Gram’s famous recipe, which takes a full day to make, is filling. It’s a meal in itself. All of the other stuff, a.k.a. Stovetop and precut bread pieces, is stuffing. It’s good, but it’s just not the same.”

Coworker Angie was one who went with dressing, which was what her grandma called it. She writes: “I hadn’t heard ‘filling’ until I moved here.”

Jo picked up on that one, too. She writes: “I was reading through a wartime (WWII) cookbook and it’s always referred to as ‘dressing.’ I had forgotten about that one.”

So what do you think? Will you have whatever this is for Easter? Or do we have to wait till fall comes around again? Any other thoughts on what you call it?

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