ABCs of York County: U winner, and vote for the best V

Note from Joan: I’m off celebrating my fifth anniversary today, so my friend Pat is doing an extra-special guest-hosting of the ABCs winners!

blogabcs.jpgSo the winner for the best U of York County is…

Utz Potato Chips! The tasty snacks ran away with an easy victory. Joan has already blogged about her love of Utz. This poll marks the second time a snack food maker has been chosen as the top letter: Martin’s won for ‘M‘. Feel free to celebrate Utz with a bag of chips.

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7 Responses to ABCs of York County: U winner, and vote for the best V

  1. Mike says:

    White Rose Bar & Grill

  2. Adam says:

    how about just White Rose

  3. John loeper says:

    for the “W”…I nominate West York.

  4. Jo says:

    Contemplating a “W” while I munch on some Lays chips–sorry, Yorkers–I’ll have to go along with Adam and settle for anything “White Rose.”

  5. Tracey says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with the White Rose Bar, (Amazing Fuzzy Navel Shrimp Kebabs!) but White Rose in general. I believe the paper even has a roses and thorns section? At least I swear I remember one when I was younger!

  6. ljr says:

    William Penn High School

  7. Veverka says:

    William Penn??

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