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Your thoughts on coleslaw?

Remember how Dianne promised us her buttermilk slaw recipe awhile back, while we were talking about barbecue? Well, she sent it to me almost right away, but I’ve been slow to post it – that’s my fault! The good news … Continue reading

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Everybody goes to Gino’s, because Gino’s is the place to go!

Lots and lots of thoughts have come up about former restaurant Gino’s, and I wanted to bring this up for further discussion, though admittedly it was before my time! (Background: Read more about Gino’s over on York Town Square. And … Continue reading

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ABCs of York County: Y winner, and vote for the best Z

So the winner for the best Y of York County is… York Barbell and the “York Barbell Man! This was suggested by many people… Mark, Mike and Dianne among them; Linda H. was specifically interested in the Barbell Man, who … Continue reading

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Reader photo: Henry Clark farm

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: The Henry Clark farm in Warrington Township By: Dianne Bowders of York Township Something unusual: Dianne writes: “Henry Clark (1713-1797) and wife Elizabeth Underhill Clark, of Chester County, arrived … Continue reading

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Names of York: Loretta Claiborne

More in the ongoing series on the Names of York. Place: Loretta Claiborne Building, South George Street in York Who was it named after? Claiborne, who was born mentally retarded and legally blind and who went on to become a … Continue reading

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Wow, lots of thoughts about the North Mall

I mentioned yesterday that the “what seafood restaurant was where” discussion was a big one. But a simple question – Do you remember the North Mall? – drew a whole ton of responses, too! Over on The Exchange, poster Strahan … Continue reading

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The Cape Horn mystery, and other road questions

Way back in March, I asked if anyone knew how the Cape Horn area got its name. New commenter Dennis Keener made me feel like I’m not alone! He writes: “You asked a question that has gone unanswered to me … Continue reading

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Sorting out the seafood on Route 30

Man, if every blog entry I wrote was as successful at stirring debate as the which-seafood-restaurant-was-where post back in March… I’d be a full-time blogger! This went on to become the subject of my Easter dinner conversation, a huge draw … Continue reading

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ABCs of York County: X winner, and vote for the best Y

So the winner for the best X of York County is… 105.7 the X, a Citadel radio station based in Harrisburg. We’ll give them credit for York County, though, because we really don’t have a lot of Xs! Update from … Continue reading

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Reader photo: Along the rail trail

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: The rail trail in fall. By: Nelson Dodson of Manchester Township Something unusual: I’ve written before about the Rail Trail, but for a real expert viewpoint, check out the … Continue reading

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