Cool (or not so cool?) cabbage, a.k.a. coleslaw

I asked a few weeks ago for your thoughts on coleslaw, and I admit, I’m with Joe, who responds – HATE IT.

Jo mentioned in the earlier post that she loves all coleslaw as long as it isn’t super-sweet. In fact, she recently made some (see her recipe) and sent me a photo!


She says the dressing is a mix of mayonnaise, low-fat sour cream, vinegar, black pepper, dill weed and about a half-tablespoon of sugar.

“Everyone has his or her version of coleslaw dressing and there’s as many ways as there are people making it,” she said. She also finely chopped some shredded carrots to add to it.

Lorie writes, “My mom always made pepper slaw, which I just love! I much prefer that to the creamy slaw.”

Larry wrote in with an interesting perspective on “yucky” foods. He says, “I never did like it warmed up. Not as bad as fried mush tho, maybe the worst meal ever. People made some tough choices during the depression. When you put a penny behind the blown fuse and take a chance of burning the house down because you didn’t have 10 cents to spare for a new one, that’s a tough choice.”

He makes a good point – for all I like to ramble about this food or that food, the fact is, I’m darn lucky to have a choice NOT to eat something if I don’t want to!

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