A walk down Memory Lane


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We walk down “Memory Lane” a lot on this blog, but this time, I mean Memory Lane in Springettsbury Township.
Fairly new commenter Jak wrote in, back when we were talking about Gino’s, “I remember walking to Gino’s just to get a Gino Giant! $1.15 for one of the best burgers ever. I STILL HAVE in my possesion,a coupon for a Gino Giant for 99 cents! … If anybody could replicate that place, I’m sure they would have a gold mine in York … Don’t forget about Burger Chef on East Market Street or Huntleys on Memory Lane … Wow!!”
What’s interesting about that is that another newer commenter, Paul, also mentioned Huntley’s when we were talking about the chicken restaurants on Route 30. He writes, “Was Huntley’s (or a name close to that) the first entry into the fast food shops located on Memory Lane about where Goodyear tire and those other shops are located now? 5/$1.”
And even MORE interesting is that, unrelated to BOTH those posts, Caryn, who works with me, brought up the same topic while talking about a new restaurant, Jimmy John’s, on her own blog, Networking York. She says that Jimmy John’s used to be a thai place. “There are lots of restaurants on Memory Lane that used to be something else,” she writes. “Maybe you could ask your readers to take a walk down Memory Lane (har har har) and remember what used to be on Memory Lane? I’d be curious to know.”
Well, I admit that my curiousity is definitely piqued. What else used to be on Memory Lane?

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