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The water we drink comes from a faucet, apparently

Remember when I asked you to vote on whether the thing that water comes out of is a spigot or a faucet? Well, faucet won! But that might be in part because of how I worded the question; I asked … Continue reading

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More memories of The Italian Oven

In yet another case of restaurants of the past drawing lots of comments on the blog, I got a ton of feedback when I asked about The Italian Oven, which I really loved. Bridget shared my fond memories. She writes, … Continue reading

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Reader photo: Unidentified spiky plant

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight, in a special “It’s only Tuesday but I need your help!” edition. What: Well, that’s what we’d like to know! By: Barbara Carmen of Dallastown Something unusual: Barbara writes, “This … Continue reading

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Reader photo: Country roads

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: A winding country road off Route 74 By: Nelson Dodson of Manchester Township Something unusual: Perhaps it’s silly, but I love John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” – … Continue reading

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Names of York: Louis T. Guthrie

More in the ongoing series on the Names of York. Place: Guthrie Memorial Library: Hanover’s Public Library in Hanover Who was it named after? Louis T. Guthrie, a retired attorney from Penn Township who made the largest donation to the … Continue reading

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Upcoming events focus on Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, radio history and more

I really need to get caught up on some old e-mails about the blog! Was going through today and found several news items about some Pa. Dutch heritage events that I’d wanted to share some time ago – but it’s … Continue reading

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Did we have a Woolworth’s in York County?

One of my friends sent me a photo of an old Woolworth’s menu. I thought it was really neat – look at the prices! So, of course, you know my next question: Did we have Woolworth’s locations in York County, … Continue reading

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Coleslaw: If you don’t mind the smell… maybe it isn’t bad!

I do like bringing up foods like coleslaw every so often on the blog, because it seems like every time I do, I get strong responses one way or another. Tracey says, “Ya know? I can’t remember ever having tried … Continue reading

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A bonanza of steakhouses, Memory Lane follow-up and more

Thanks to everyone who has chipped in an idea for the stores and restaurants of the past index! I really appreciate it. And it’s going to be fun, having posts on all those places! Even before I started work on … Continue reading

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Joan goes to the fair: Demolition derby, sad rodents and even more carbs

My two fair visits this year fell on the opening and closing days; kind of a neat experience. One of these years, I’m going to show up for the $8-an-hour “help us tear down” event. Sunday’s visit was a lot … Continue reading

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