Celebrating 100 years of Mount Wolf history

We recently heard from Charles Stambaugh of Mount Wolf about the borough’s successful Centennial Celebration over the summer.

That’s pretty amazing – 100 years of a community? Check out our short story on the success of the celebration here, and if you’re interested, check out The Centennial Store, where you can get your own copy of the 100th-anniversary book and DVD; you can see the DVD’s cover pictured here.

So here’s a pop quiz for you: Among York County’s 72 municipalities, there are 36 boroughs. Among those 36 boroughs, which is the oldest – that is, which was incorporated earliest?

Answer to come!

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  1. Dianne says:

    Hanover was founded in 1730 and is the oldest incorporated borough, 1815. The area was known as Digges Choice back then and was a land grant from Charles Calvert, fourth Lord Baltimore. It was part of Maryland. When the Mason Dixon line was drawn 1763-1767, it officially became part of Pennsylvania.
    A close second is Wellsville, settled in 1737, but not incorporated until 1892.
    Hope my memory serves me correctly.

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