It’s time to talk slaw again

Coleslaw is a popular topic for discussion on the blog, and today is no exception.
In response to a recent post about the smell – which I admit I don’t like – I got several comments.
doleslaw.jpgNew commenter Ashley writes, “I hate mayo… but I absolutely LOVE coleslaw. I just grab the Dole shredded cabbage bag from the supermarket. The key I think to making it taste nothing like mayo… is to not only use less… but use more sugar… and to mix those two ingredients FIRST. Then you add the milk and vinegar… you really have to taste as you go… and I prefer my coleslaw sweet. I’ve heard of using a mix of sour cream and mayo together too… so its a lighter taste as well.”
My friend Linda H. is also a Dole fan. She says, “I’m not much for storemade or restaurant coleslaw. I make my own with a Dole packaged mix. Add my own light mayo, skim milk, white vinegar and Splenda. Toss in a sprinkle of celery seeds and let it sit for a few hours. It’s not too runny or heavy. The hubby loves when I make broccoli slaw. Same concept just shredded broccoli.”
And my sister-in-law Adriane can’t believe I haven’t tried HER slaw. She writes, “I guess I’ve never made my Hill Country coleslaw for you guys? It’s a recipe from our Texas relatives and it doesn’t have any mayo or vinegar (sorry) in it. In fact, it has Ranch dressing, blue cheese as well as some other odd characters such as scallions, cilantro and corn in it. Very nice change of pace from regular tangy coleslaw, which I love, too. Especially on pulled pork BBQ.”
You guys are ALMOST making me want to eat cabbage. And that’s a feat!

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