More restaurants that used to be along Route 30 in York

It has been a multi-year attempt on this blog to deal with what used to be where on Route 30. Sometimes I think this should be my full-time gig! Think we could all agree enough to co-author a book on the whole “It used to be” subject in York County?

Regarding that Route 30 stuff, commenter Frank Soyke writes, “Here is how I recall the lineup on Route 30 circa the late 70’s – early 80’s: Jolly Fisherman was where Hooters is now (after “Jolly,” it was in one form or another, The Pink Panther and the Broadway Cafe). Across the street was Arthur Treachers and Rax. Arthur Treachers became Kentucky Fried Chicken and then Popeyes when KFC moved down the west hill into the old Roy Rogers building. Rax changed hands several times before becoming the Mexican restaurant is is today. Next to the Rax where the Amish furniture store is today was the old Kiddietown store which moved there from the North Mall about 80. Down the hill to the west. Two Guys plaza sat on one side (Two Guys itself closed in fall of 1981 when West Manchester Mall opened.) Across 30 from Two Guys sat nothing until the mid 80’s when they built a Bob’s Big Boy where Lone Star is now (or was) and a Roy Rogers where KFC is now. To the East of Jolly Fisherman sat the North Mall with Bon-Ton and J.M. Fields as the anchors (Fields closed around 79). Fields building became a Showbiz Pizza and then Burlington Coat Factory and was eventually turned into the OTB which it is now. To the east of the North Mall, McDonalds sat on one side (where Bob’s Intown Spas is now) and across the street was Gino’s (at the present Taco Bell site and Ponderosa (where a bank is now).”

(By the way, Frank, you brought up one near and dear to another commenter. Dawn Becker wrote, “The Hooters also used to be the home of a nightclub named Broadway Cafe. That was such a great place!”)

Anyway, even with all that, there is – apparently – something we’re missing!

Bill Schmeer writes, “The other day I turned onto Eleventh Avenue from North George Street and as I drove past the Wendy’s, next to Bob’s Intown Spas, I got a flash from the past. Wasn’t there an Italian restaurant where the Wendy’s is now? I remember it was a popular eating place, but with a fast food feel. I think it was a chain franchise and the name started with ‘S’.”

Well, guess what! I have help! As part of his response to our restaurants of the past directory, regular commenter Joe says, “Let’s not forget Roy Rogers along Rt. 30 which then became The Spaghetti Shop (fast food style pasta?!) Which eventually became KFC and is now KFC/Long John Silvers (which combines two places that previously existed elsewhere along Rt. 30!)”

Wow, you guys. That’s a lot of restaurants. I’m definitely adding any I’d missed to the restaurants of the past directory. Keep ’em coming… I really appreciate it.

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10 Responses to More restaurants that used to be along Route 30 in York

  1. t downs says:

    Responding to Bill Schmeer’s comment on the Italian restaurant on 11th Avenue where Wendy’s now sits: It was named ‘Costy’s’ and sold spaghetti by the bucket. Good food as I remember.
    For the real old ‘seasoned’ Yorkers: Remember the Gino’s on Susquehanna Trail & Rte 30? It was there when J.M. Fields store was there before there was even a North Mall, and Loucks Road was a 2-lane road. Oh for the taste of a Gino Giant and their Kentucky Fried Chicken…

  2. Barry Ness says:

    On the “old” Whiteford Road… when is was RT.30, was the Fireside Resturant which is now Fox Pool (Action Motorcycle next door). There were a couple other bar/resturants along “old” 2-3 lane Rt.30 aornd the 1968-75 time period.

  3. Carol Woodbury says:

    There was The Rambler way west on Rte 30 that may now be a bar, but in the ’50’s it was a really good restautrant serving excellent roast beef. If you count downtown York as Rte 30, the Spinning Wheel across from the YW was a tea room sort of place with antiques.

  4. Jo says:

    PHEW! This makes my head spin tying to absorb it all. It seems the Rt. 30 strip was in constant change for many years with so many, many different restaurants, in particular, coming and going.

  5. Greg says:

    Don’t forget:
    Bright Star on the corner of 30 and Roosevelt
    Orange Julius in the North Mall

  6. ts says:

    I think there was a place called the Spaghetti Factory or something like that where they built the Lonestar on Route 30. I just remember some fast-food kind of place that served spaghetti in plastic tubs for carryout

  7. karen mummert says:

    Also in bottom level of North Mall was Horn & Horn – a buffet.

  8. Barry Ness says:

    Been trying to remember the name of the bar/resturant on the corner of RT.30 and Sherman St. (southeast corner). Am thinking it was “Tropical Bar”????? This place was removed when the “new” Rt.30 roadway was expanded fro 2 to 3 lanes.
    At one time, RT.30 from about Tornita to Rooselevt was called the Golden Mile of Resturant’s. Had you choice of type of places from fast food to sit down.

  9. Greg Halpin says:

    The Spaghetti Shop was in the building now occupied by KFC/LJS. They opened up after the Roy Rogers closed.
    The building now occupied by Haller Enterprises was originally built as a restaurant by Jim & Nenas. They ran it for a while, and it went through three or four different incarnations before becoming Haller Ent. Mr. T’s Roadhouse was in there, I believe Riptides was one occupant, and I know I’m missing one or two other names.

  10. shirley cover says:

    I was thinking about that restaurant I think it was a drive in I remember going there when I was young maybe in the early 60’s they had the best subs and root beer in gallon jugs I am trying to remember there name and I can’t Is this the same place you are talking about?

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