More memories of Franklin Discount Mart, Feder’s News Stand and Spangler’s Drug Store

As we were talking about some of the many businesses that were in downtown York in years past, I heard from many people who were able to contribute more memories of these stores.

Specifically, I’ve heard more recently about Franklin Discount Mart, Feder’s News Stand and Spangler’s Drug Store and wanted to share those!

Elizabeth wrote: “Thanks for the memories! Does anyone recall the shopping center on Pine Street, Franklin Discount Mart I think? Block away from the old Pepperment Patty Co. where you could buy a bag of patties cheap. Also Jim’s out on West Market Street You could get a bag of burgers for $1.00. Does anyone recall a toy store that was downtown on E Market Street I think? Not sure of name. Or Spangler’s Drug Store on S George and E South St . And Bab Fadders (not sure of spelling) on the other corner across the street, or Gem’s Bakery – best baked goods around, caramel and lemon buns. Or the bowling alley on Pine Street and pizza shop across the street – best chop steak sandwich. Oh what fond memories of when we were children!”

Commenter Holmes was definitely on the same page! Holmes writes, “Elizabeth: I remember Franklin Discount on Pine Street and the one that was on West King St. The one on West King had (what I thought at that time) a long stairway up to the main entrance. I remember Spangler’s Drug Store at the corner of South George and South Streets. Mr. Spangler had a good reputation of ‘discounting’ prescriptions to needy persons who needed the medicine but did not have enough money. ‘Bab Fadders’ – The store across the street from Spangler’s was Feder’s News Stand. It was owned and operated by Silas ‘Babe’ Feder. He sold fountain sodas, ice cream, candy, cigarettes and cigars, and newspapers and magazines. He had one pinball machine there too. He was a good man! May he rest in peace.”

Thank you both for sharing! I’m especially thrilled that Holmes knew who the people “behind” the stores were. That’s a big deal to me – to remember not only these establishments, but the people who made them what they were!

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7 Responses to More memories of Franklin Discount Mart, Feder’s News Stand and Spangler’s Drug Store

  1. Mike says:

    I remember hanging out at that bowling alley and the pizza shop in the late 60’s. Was is 20th century bowling alley? Renda’s used cars was beside the bowling alley. We also would hang out at the old ice skating rink on friday nights. What

  2. Dianne says:

    …and remember when “Mike’s Nuts” was located in the basement of the Gate’s House/Plow Tavern? The aroma of roasted peanuts was wonderful on a cold winter’s day. The smell wafted through the open wooden basement doors where you could buy paper bags of warm, roasted peanuts. Were they 25 cents?

  3. Mike says:

    After a short discussion with a friend, we came up with the name of the pizza shop on Pine St. We believe it was Pantano’s.

  4. Was the Franklin Discount on West King St located inside what once was the Joseph Black and Sons Company,Inc. factory?

  5. Jim Knaub says:

    The Franklin Discount Store in West York was on Market ST at the corner of Overbrook Ave in the old Black’s Hosery building.
    I did most of my clothing shopping at Gregory’s and wonder if anyone remembers the name of the theme song of the Gregory Gift Program of the Air,this program was on WORK radio station every evening at 6:00 PM.
    Other clothing stoores I remember are Murry’s in The first block of Soouth George St and Concords Factory Showroom at the foot of the North York Hill.

  6. Joann Hano says:

    And next to Franklin Discount was Robert Hall’s clothing store. All the ads sang “School bells ringing, children singing, it’s back to Robert hall’s again.”
    I do remember that Franklin’s was a first for discount clothing and household items. It made a big impact on buying in York.

  7. Matt Pettigrew says:

    I think the toy store on East Market was Criders. It was owned by the Chambers family, some of whom are still around.

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