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A poll for fun: How do you tell time in York County?

This idea comes to me from loyal reader Jo, who mentioned some time ago that we have a variety of ways in York County to describe the time. Photo by flickr user Larry Page There is the numerical version, of … Continue reading

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Food, geography and our blog in the newspaper

Well, great news! A version of all of my posts about Gino’s was turned into today’s York Daily Record Living/Food section cover story, complete with awesome photos by Keith and Hubby. You can read the online version of it here: … Continue reading

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Memories of shopping on West Market Street, and a wonderful gas price of 17 cents a gallon!

I had a really nice letter back in February from a reader named Lorraine in York. She writes, “I have memories going back to the late thirties and forties. Does anyone remember how you could do most of your shopping … Continue reading

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Reader photo: Behind the Manchester baseball field

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: A view behind the grandstand at the baseball field in Manchester Submitted by: Melanie Pancho, now of Virginia Beach, Va. Something interesting: Melanie writes, “The fields and farmland back … Continue reading

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More memories of Hollander’s and other Hanover stores

Remember my question about whether anyone remembered Hollander’s in Hanover? I wanted to know not only if you remembered it, but where in Hanover it might have been. New commenter Tim Hoff wrote, “When I was a little kid (I’m … Continue reading

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Talking about grocery stores is fun; if only shopping could be!

We heard earlier this week that the SaveSmart on Route 74 on Dover Township is closing. That reminded me that I’d asked recently about your grocery-store memories, such as when that same SaveSmart location was a Spangler’s grocery store, and … Continue reading

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Eating at Ernie’s, and memories of The Flamingo

Had a letter not too long ago from Yvonne Leiphart of West Manchester Township. Yvonne was kind enough to write in regarding several topics, including restaurants of the past in York County. She says, “I wonder if you have in … Continue reading

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A fun story about a local legend from an intrepid reader

Last month – yes, when it was still snowy! – longtime reader Jo sent us this photo taken at Pinchot Park. She writes, “Tony, 88 year-old skier, was the first ski instructor hired by Ski Roundtop, in 1962. If we … Continue reading

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Reader photo: Painted turtle on Lake Marburg

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: A painted turtle Submitted by: Pam Lesher of Jacobus Something interesting: Lesher said she was able to take this photo while kayaking at Lake Marburg. With the official start … Continue reading

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More memories of churches in York County

My January post asking about your church memories featured, among other things, a pop quiz about a particular church – or rather, its steeple. I wanted to know if you knew what church the one seen here belonged to, and … Continue reading

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