Reader photo: Lazy B Ranch Airport

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight:
What: The Lazy B Ranch Airport in Conewago Township
Submitted by: Irvin Baughman of Conewago Township

Something interesting: Irvin writes, “The largest little airport in Pennsylvania: The Lazy B Ranch Airport, 3883 Bull Road, Conewago Township… The lane was purchased in 1979 by Irvin Baughman who changed it from a corn field to a grass runway to a hard surface all weather runway over ½ mile long. It is now licensed by the state of Pennsylvania as a public use airport and is home base to 30 aircraft including 4 airplanes owned by businesses in the area. Designed and developed by Irv Baughman over more than 30 years.

Included in the development was the removal of 30,000 cubic yards of shale to move a bank between the airport and Suburban Memorial Gardens Cemetery. The ground removal was a joint effort between Glen-Gery Brick Corporation and Kinsley Construction to meet safety requirements of Pennsylvania Bureau of Aviation. The shale that was removed was used to make the red bricks for York’s Sovereign Bank baseball stadium.”

Wow, that’s cool! I have been past the Lazy B many times, but I didn’t know anything about the shale going to Sovereign Bank Stadium. Thanks, Irv, for sharing!

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