An amazing weekend criss-crossing Pennsylvania: Gino’s welcomes York, PA


So yesterday was the big Gino’s meetup in King of Prussia!

Admittedly, the weather (and rising gas prices) put a damper on attendance. But we did have some folks come out, and we had a TON of fun. And good food – I can’t forget that! The staff members were very welcoming; they even had signs on the door that said “Gino’s welcomes York, PA.” I can’t tell you how I excited I got when I saw that; I made Chris take the photo above, along with the sign I’d made to bring along.

One side note – while Gino’s was Sunday, and was a family affair that included my daughter, husband Chris and I had spent Friday and Saturday in the Pittsburgh area at a good friend’s wedding. A few antique-store finds on the way will make an appearance in future posts, so stay tuned.

On that leg of our cross-state trek, we also visited a place that’s really only cool if you’re a fan of zombie movies – the Monroeville Mall, where George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was filmed.


But back to Gino’s, which I know is what readers of this blog are most interested in! More photos – including those from Gino’s “unofficial photographer” Keith Swango of New Jersey – and even more details about Gino’s are coming Wednesday. For today, I just had to let you guys see a “sneak peek” at some of what happened.

The photos and captions below will hopefully “whet your appetite” for more, including a look at some more of readers’ Gino’s memories and a discussion on what’s different about the current Gino’s menu.

Stay tuned! Wednesday’s post is going to be AWESOME.

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