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Well, great news! A version of all of my posts about Gino’s was turned into today’s York Daily Record Living/Food section cover story, complete with awesome photos by Keith and Hubby.

You can read the online version of it here: York countians renew their love for Gino’s restaurant. (And if you missed it, The (Baltimore) Sun had in its Sun Magazine an awesome Q&A with Gino Marchetti.)

I also got yet another comment today, talking about the locations that were once Gino’s in York County. This was from reader Scott C.:

“I just wanted to elaborate on the York locations. The one on East Market Street became The Boulevard in October 1991. In 1994 it became a Ground Round, which was badly damaged by fire in May 1996. The restaurant was rebuilt in 1997 as a Perkins.”

He continues, “The one near the Queensgate Shopping Center was converted into a Roy Rogers. It became Wonderful Garden in the 1990’s.”
“The Susquehanna Trail/Route 30 location, as you have mentioned, is now a Taco Bell.”‘

Thanks, Scott!

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2 Responses to Food, geography and our blog in the newspaper

  1. Jo says:

    What a great addition to the Gino’s story.

  2. Scott C. says:

    My parents enjoyed the Gino’s article yesterday and had quite a conversation about it. My mom said that she often went to the East Market Street location for lunch when she worked at Sears. My dad remembered the Gino’s song, which he kept singing all night. Unfortunately Gino’s was before my time. I remember when East Market Street location was a Ground Round. It was a fun place to eat and you got free popcorn. The restaurant burnt down and has been rebuilt as a Perkins.

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