Even more D.E. Jones memories

Way back in December, I mentioned a store of the past that I had personally frequented – D.E. Jones. Turns out there were a few locally – at least in Shrewsbury, in Delco Plaza, and in Hanover. The Delco one is the one I remembered, but I was glad to hear there had been more.

New commenter J. Whitmore writes, “I wish they still had the one in Hanover. The bath towels lasted forever!”

Leigh Ann says, “I remember D.E. Jones stores, they were the best. I just loved them and really miss them. i used to go to the one in Shrewsbury & at Delco.”

Commenter Cathy also shopped in the southern part of the county; she writes, “There was a DE Jones in Shrewsbury about 5-7 years ago at the Market Square shopping center.” If that timing is right, that might have been the last one in the area to close; can anyone confirm that?

And another commenter, S. Johnson, says, “I remember D.E. Jones at Delco, I went there every now and then. I really miss the old Delco Plaza. I’ve been looking around for someone who has pictures of Delco before it was demolished or just any pics of it plain flat out.” If you do have such pictures, we’d LOVE to see them; please feel free to post them at www.ydr.com/gallery by choosing the “Historic Photos of York” category! I will make sure to share those here and with our commenters!

Angela Place points out one just north of us; she writes, “I believe there was one in Carlisle as well, either at the MJ Carlisle Mall or the Carlisle Plaza, I forget which.”

Reader Carol said, of the Delco D.E. Jones, “I wish they never closed. We got a lot of household items there. My family misses that store.”

As does ours, Carol! Thanks to everyone for chiming in with more memories of this five-and-dime-type wonder!

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2 Responses to Even more D.E. Jones memories

  1. Jo says:

    I know nothing of the store you all are writing about, but it sounds similar to the new store that opened this past week near Old Navy. I’ve not been in it yet and don’t know if they sell linens, for instance, but you might want to check it out. I’m sorry to have forgotten the name and they have been advertising in the YDR.

  2. Dave says:

    There was, in fact, a D.E. Jones in the Carlisle Plaza Mall. It opened when I was but a young kid, and I loved it because the toys they had were extremely cheap (albeit generic). I also remember the distinctive smell it had. I believe everything in it was seconds or salvage merchandise, which explains the mildewy-smoky smell everything had.
    I suspect that it was driven out of business by Ollie’s, who did it better and had better locations.

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