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My bologna has a first name… but I’m not sure how to pronounce it

I warned you yesterday that we’d be coming back to the topic of bologna in today’s post! But, as promised, we’re taking a different look. We’re going to talk about how you pronounce the word, not the food itself. So … Continue reading

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Butcher bologna: A fun local food

Today’s “things we eat” post comes from longtime reader John Loeper, who writes: “Just a comment about things unique to York County. This has to do with a food item called ‘Butcher Bologna.’ I have eaten this bologna since my … Continue reading

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More memories of former A&P groceries, plus a location correction

In April, I’d shared a letter from reader Linda Arnold about a grocery-store chain that used to be in York County – A&P. Commenter Butch, among others, though, points out that the location of the A&P was a bit different … Continue reading

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Ask Joan: Meet Floyd and lots of mulch edition

Our home has had some changes this weekend. I spent most of Saturday laying down mulch from a truckload I’d had delivered from Whitecomb’s, and doing some other garden tasks. Perhaps of bigger importance, though, is the addition of a … Continue reading

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Reader photo: And now for something completely different… Larry the llama

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: Larry the llama Submitted by: Tammy King of Dover Township Something interesting: Tammy writes, “Larry is a Llama that lives behind our house, he loves carrots! He has a … Continue reading

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Mail call: Ruminations from the desk of an ‘ole geezer’

Today’s foray into the mailbox comes from Wayne Breighner of Red Lion, whose letterhead reads, as my post today is titled, “Ruminations from the desk of an ‘Ole Geezer.’” Wayne writes, “I have lived in and about York County, Pa., … Continue reading

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York County goes on vacation

Photo by flickr user Bernt Rostad I had an email a little while ago from John Loeper, who brings up a subject that’s perfect for this time of year. He says, “Yorkers on vacation past and present… where did Yorkers … Continue reading

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A new poll: Going camping, York County style

It’s summer! And what do a lot of Yorkers do every summer? Why, go camping, of course. But here’s the thing: It doesn’t seem to mean the same thing to everyone. And that, my friends, means it’s time to share … Continue reading

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Potpie: A subject of many heated opinions

The May 18 post on potpie broke a record for “most comments and reactions” on an Only in York County topic! You might remember I polled you on whether you think “real” potpie is the slippery/boiled kind or the baked-with-crust … Continue reading

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Exploring York County: Irish festival, Jedi and some letterboxes

You haven’t forgotten that I challenged you to explore York County this summer, have you? Well, I’ve been keeping my end of the bargain; our family is committed to heading outside this summer and doing as much fun stuff in … Continue reading

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