Do you remember Babe Keller’s Restaurant?

One restaurant I’ve heard from several readers about is the former Babe Keller’s in the West York area.

Letter-writer Wayne Breighner of Red Lion, who you might remember from a mail call post a couple of weeks ago, was one of those.

He writes, “Babe Keller’s restaurant was on the south side of West Market St. between Adams and Sumner streets. This establishment was an eat-in, full-menu restaurant. The owner was an avid big game hunter, having collected game on several continents. Some of this trophies were what I call full size. Mr. Keller would display some in an exhibition hall at the York Fair. Mr. Keller was also known for his humor. In the restaurant he displayed a rare animal called a jack-a-lope. It was on display, it had the appearance of a jack rabbit with antlers. The story that was associated with this mystical animal is that they are very rarely seen by living men that were not overindulgers of adult beverages. The animal was known to only come out on full moon nights when it snowed in the deserts of North America. The fact that it was put on display put to rest the idea that they were only imaginary. You must remember DNA forensics was not available in the old days; to confirm or deny the authenticity of the jack-a-lope, however, after a few adult beverages, you could believe what you saw.”

Another joke Wayne mentions: “The restaurant advertised a daily special of 25-cent T-bones, was widely known by new customers. When the order was taken the waitress would ask if you wanted meat with your order, and if so, the meat was an additional price.”

John Loeper had mentioned this some time ago. He writes, “Keller’s Restaurant and Bar in the 1500 block of W Market Street in West York… Good bar food. It’s where I was introduced to french fries with gravy. The owner was called Babe Keller.”

Thank you gentlemen for bringing this up, and for the mention of “gravy fries.” Those will be a topic for another day, but I’m very interested in what everyone remembers about Keller’s. (You also might as well tell me what you think about gravy fries!)

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4 Responses to Do you remember Babe Keller’s Restaurant?

  1. Rodney Beaverson says:

    I grew-up around the corner from Kellers restaurant, and remember a sign that hung above the bar area that read “Helen Waite is our credit manager. If you want credit, go to Helen Waite”. Always thought that was the funniest signs I ever saw.

  2. Sandy Stouch says:

    My mom was a waitress at Keller’s for many yrs. My dad and I used to eat there a lot. Babe and his wife Rene were wonderful fun filled people. Live lived on Idlewyld Dr in East York. The basement of the house was finished and all of his animals hung there. It was creepy! Babe and Rene are now residing at Mt Zion. Cemetery On Mt Zion Road in gravesite marked by a huge carved.. bear. BTW .. the jackalope is fake
    Those french fries with gravy…awesome!

  3. Sis James says:

    Bill Myers occupied that restaurant before Babe Kellers does any one remember Bill Myers? And also Stecklers grocery store was on the corner of Adams and Market does anyone remember Stecklers?

  4. Sis James says:

    There is a name at the top of the building of the West York Inn it is on the Highland Ave. side, it says Martin Parry Corp. does anyone know what was made there.

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