A blast from the past: Flinchbaugh Wagon Unloaders ad

Close-up on The Flinchbaugh Company logoOne great thing about having a husband who is a noted ephemera blogger with a huge collection of stuff that he’ll never have time to blog?

Well, of course it’s that he gives me anything York-centric that he comes upon, because he knows I’ll be able to use it on my blog!

Today’s random old piece of paper is a large trifold brochure for Flinchbaugh Wagon Unloaders, manufactured by The Flinchbaugh Company, Eberts Lane, York. I have no idea on the date, except that it was probably in the 1950s, because the phone numbers were in the five-digit style – “82418” and “29741.” (And because there were, apparently, a lot of people who had to wagons full of stuff to unload…)

Anyway, the funniest thing is that, after looking through the whole brochure, I’m not sure exactly what types of wagons these devices unloaded. My best guess is a farm wagon full of hay/straw, but that’s just a guess. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you think I’m off base!

Flinchbaugh Wagon Unloaders ad

If you’re curious, it seems like the company is still in business; it’s now Flinchbaugh-Kurtz Company, based in Manchester, and describes its vision to be “the premier machine shop in South Central Pennsylvania.” Its website says it was founded in 1936 in York, so I’m pretty sure it’s the same place. Anyone have any further details?

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2 Responses to A blast from the past: Flinchbaugh Wagon Unloaders ad

  1. Jo says:

    Hey Joan–if they’re still in business did ya think to call ’em ask?

  2. Steve Wagner says:

    These are basicly a speed reduction unit pulled a “false endgate” to the back of a wagon making it a self unloading wagon. A pipe was mounted on the back of the wagon to which cables were attached. The other end of the cables hooked to the endgate. The “unloader” was keyed onto the end of the pipe and slowly turned it wrapping the cables around the pipe. This action slowly pulled the endgate to the back of the wagon unloading what ever was on the wagon. In our case it was ear corn. It unloaded corn into the elevator hopper to be elevated into the corn crib. I did this as a teenager on dad’s farm. I believe if a canvas floor was installed on a wagon they could also be used for silage and possibly other small grain. But for us they were used as an easy way to unload ear corn. It sure beat the shovel!!! I don’t believe they would have been used for baled hay or straw, but possibly could have been used for loose hay or straw.

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