At the Dover Firemen’s Fair: Learn about former Gov. Leader

From friend and loyal reader Jo Ott comes this info:

“The Greater Dover Historical Society has compiled a large exhibit of ephemera, photographs and newspaper articles on Dover’s most famous resident, former Governor George M. Leader. The items are borrowed from the Governor’s library located in Providence Place in Dover Township. The free exhibit can be seen during the Dover Firemen’s Fair and is located in the basement of the E. Canal Street fire department.”

Items are going to be on display from 4 to 8:30 p.m. on fair nights, which are now through Sept. 10. During those times, historical society members will be on hand to answer questions. Jo said this exhibit coincides with the release of historian Kenneth C. Wolensky’s just-published book “The Life of Pennsylvania Governor George M. Leader.”

Jo also provided a special reader trivia question! She writes, “George M. Leader was a working farmer elected to be governor of Pennsylvania in 1955. But who was the first and in what year?” The answer can be found at the exhibit; I’m hoping to go check it out Thursday evening, along with the rest of the firemen’s fair, which you can read about here.

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