A piece of cooking history: Joan goes to the antique store, part 1

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Chris and I took a recent trip to the antique store in the New Salem square, and my job – I know, a hard life I have – was to find three things that would make for good blog entries.

I’m pleased to say I succeeded, and I hope you’ll enjoy the things I’ve found, which I’ll share in the next couple of weeks.

First up is this cover from a brochure of Quality Group Cooking School programs in 1933.

Quality Cooking School brochure cover

Note that the cooking school programs took place at The Bon-Ton, and note also that WORK radio makes an appearance on the cover! I know we’ve got some readers who worked for WORK a little later in its existence! Wonder if anyone out there knows any details on these programs… there is a remarkable lack of detail on them available in any searches I’ve done!

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