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Reader photo: Happy New Year!

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight, in a special “It’s New Year’s Eve” edition: What: York’s center square during the fireworks ringing in 2011 Submitted by: Chris Alan of York Something interesting: Chris submitted this last … Continue reading

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Mail call: Drive-in memories from Bill Unger

Today’s letter comes from William “Bill” Unger of Shrewsbury, who wrote to me earlier this month with some memories of various drive-ins around York County. Bill writes, “In 1955 I was a student at Susquehannock High School, in the 10th … Continue reading

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Rutsch or rutch – Either way, this Yorkism continues to slide around!

I have to thank my sister Linda, who was NOT born and raised in York County, but who has lived here long enough to pick up on some great Yorkisms. She brought up “rutching” again last week, as we gathered … Continue reading

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New Year’s pork and sauerkraut, the 2012 edition

You might remember that around this time in 2010, I started asking you if pork and sauerkraut is a New Year must-have in your house. Well, it turns out you guys really like it. I know. Shocking! One commenter, Justine … Continue reading

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Fulton, Mehring & Hauser Co. Want Book: Another store, another find, part 1

Perhaps you remember my four-part series, “Joan goes to the antique store,” in which I went to the unnamed antique store in the New Salem square and found some bloggable items. You’ll be pleased to know that Hubby found us … Continue reading

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Ask Joan: We Wish You A Merry Christmas edition

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate, and I hope everyone is gearing up for a great start to 2012. Many thanks to all who have been taking part in my “Joan Asks You” survey to help … Continue reading

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Reader photo, especially for Christmas: Raab schoolhouse in the snow

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight: What: Raab School in York Township, seen in January of this year Submitted by: Dianne Bowders of York Township Something interesting: Dianne writes, “The picturesque one-room Raab School was built … Continue reading

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Christmas wishes from a loyal reader

Many of you know longtime reader and commenter Betsy Baird. Well, Betsy shared with me a Christmas poem she wrote in 1970, along with an image from her Christmas messages of more recent years, and I asked if she’d mind … Continue reading

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Reader photo: A ‘postcard’ from East Berlin

Another reader photo of an “Only in York County” sight, in a bonus “yes, it’s winter” edition: What: An East Berlin winter scene Submitted by: Julie Briceland of Washington Township Something interesting: Julie writes, “This old train station in East … Continue reading

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Just for fun: Winter in Pennsylvania

Today’s the first day of winter! I already can’t wait for spring. But for fun, I thought I’d share this, which I received in an e-mail from my mom some time ago. (Comments in parenthesis are all mine; I don’t … Continue reading

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