Fulton, Mehring & Hauser Co. Want Book: Another store, another find, part 1

Perhaps you remember my four-part series, “Joan goes to the antique store,” in which I went to the unnamed antique store in the New Salem square and found some bloggable items.

You’ll be pleased to know that Hubby found us ANOTHER store – on the other side of York County – in which I was again challenged to find a few items to talk about here on Only in York County. (Having a husband who likes old stuff does come in handy once in a while.)

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated Hubby’s birthday by visiting The Biggest “Little” Flea Market, 481 E. Market St., Hallam. I talked to the proprietress, Dee, while we were there, and she was just a ton of fun. Among her admonitions? “If something falls while you’re browsing, don’t worry about it, because if you try to put it back, something else will probably fall.” (And she was right!)

Well, among my finds there was a “Want Book” from Fulton, Mehring & Hauser Co. (Distributors, Industrial Supplies, Hardware, Builders Hardware), 235 N. Beaver St., York, the cover and first page of which are pictured below.

In case you want to take a closer look at what’s written:

Fulton, Mehring & Hauser Co. Want Book first page up close

I have just one question: Does that say “#700 Midget” at the top? Very interesting indeed.

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