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In general, I ask everyone submitting Ask Joan questions to submit them via our web form. It’s mostly done to make sure everyone’s question gets filed and answered; also, it helps me more promptly respond to timely questions. But I realize that isn’t an option for everyone, so when letters come in via postal mail, I’m glad to see if we can’t answer those as well. That’s where all of today’s questions are from, and they’re great ones!

What’s inside
1. Seeking Mt. Pleasant Cemetery information
2. Clarifying about those celebratory arches
3. Looking for Anstine’s Hotel details

1. I have a relative who died in 1857 and was buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Mt. Pleasant was later renamed Strinestown). Can anyone tell me the location of this cemetery or give me any other information concerning it they may have?
– Nelson Hollerbush

When I read Nelson’s letter, I immediately thought of one person: Blake Stough! You guys know Blake; he’s a frequent commenter and a member of our Yorkblog network with his awesome blog Preserving York, and most relevant to this question, he’s a pretty noted expert on a lot of local cemetery history. Blake is looking in to this and promises to keep us posted on what he finds out, but in the meantime, does anyone else have any info on this cemetery?

2. I also received in the mail a clarification to this November Ask Joan, in which Hubby was asking about the arches seen in an image in this May post. The image, submitted by Dianne Bowders, shows arches that Jim McClure was able to tell us were made from a type of papier-mache over a frame. They were erected to celebrate York County’s sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) in 1899.

I had said they were of York’s sesquicentennial, but as reader Art Hennig of Dallastown noted, I was not totally clear – the celebration marked the sesquicentennial of York County, not the city. My apologies for not making that clearer! I’ve updated our previous posts now to better reflect that for future searches; thank you, Art! (And if you’re interested, read more about the celebration here on the York Town Square blog.)

Anstine's Hotel at Windsor and Freysville roads in Windsor Township

3. This picture (above) is of a property at the intersection of Windsor Rd. and Freysville Rd. in Windsor Township. I was wondering if you could check if anyone living today knew the history of it. I was born there in 1932. My parents rented it until 1938; I was five. All I can remember is that it was called “Anstine’s Hotel.” I don’t know what Mr. Anstine’s name was, but they called her “Till” or “Tilley Anstine.” I have a lot of memories from back then. One was the township held elections in the basement, facing Windsor Road. My parents are both gone, so I don’t know anyone that would know. The house is empty for several years, and in very poor condition. I’m afraid it will be destroyed before long.
– Ethel M. Keller, Red Lion

Trying to ascertain for myself where this is – and realizing I’ve, in fact, been past this many times – I found this image in Google Street View, showing the building in 2008.

View Larger Map

If anyone has any details for Ethel, I would be thrilled to pass those on. What I’ve found is some background from Windsor Township’s history page online – that the Freysville area was known to have cigar manufacturing by Daniel Anstine as one of its main businesses; and, that in its early history, Windsor Township had 14 community schools, one of them Anstine’s. That’s where the trail ends for me, though, so any details are greatly appreciated!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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6 Responses to Ask Joan: Postal mail edition

  1. Blake Stough says:

    Strinestown Cemetery is located along Cemetery Road, just off of the Susquehanna Trail in Conewago Township. Mt. Pleasant was the original town name, but was eventually named Strinestown after John Strine. It would make sense for the cemetery to do the same, but I believe it came into existence years later.

    I checked a listing of burials at Strinestown Cemetery but did not see any from the 1850s (the time period Nelson’s ancestor passed away). The listing I referenced may not be complete, but if he could offer a name that could help with the search. I’m also curious of the source in which he obtained the information. He is more than welcome to contact me directly if he wishes, and I’ll gladly share any follow-up information here.

    I’m also looking into your other two questions as well, so I may be stopping back soon.

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  3. Jeffrey Clinton says:

    I briefly interviewed the owners of this house in 1995. They purchased it from a man named Earl Landis sometime after WWII. Before that time they associated the property with a man named Edward Flury and also a Phillip Stein. They stated it was used as a hotel and was built by a man named Anstine. It was also said by the owner “that covered wagons came through here and watered horses.” They also stated the inn served no spirits since it was so close to the church. In the 1876 atlas of Windsor, near the intersection are found the words “Mrs. Anstins Frysville Inn.” and nearby “P. Stine” is also noted. Hope this helps.

    • heather stewart says:

      Do you have any idea who owns this beautiful home now? I drive by it every day several times and I find myself drawn to it. I know nothing about it but wish that I could restore it to its original grandeur! Please contact me at

  4. Connie Morningstar says:

    This is for Jeff Clinton- Was this the house that Ray & Marion Clinton lived?
    This has always been a question for me. Thanks!

    • Kay Stum says:

      @Connie, I don’t know anything about the property other then what I have read. To answer your question, in a PDF Document for the township meeting, they call it the Clinton House. This was the meeting prior to the intersection change there.

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