Mail call: Memories of Dallastown from Kim Anderson

Today’s reader letter hits on an area of York County we don’t talk about as often – Dallastown. But in this March post, commenter Skipper mentioned a Streavig’s Grocery in that area, and it’s that which sparked today’s letter in response.

The letter is from Kim Anderson, who writes, “I remember Turkey Hill in Dallastown, that used to be Streavig’s (I never knew it as Streavig’s Grocery, it was Turkey Hill when I was a child). The Streavig’s laundromat was right beside it as well as Streavig’s gas station across the street and I remember going to the Turkey Hill when I went with my mother & sisters to do our laundry every Sunday. We would always go to Turkey Hill to get ‘snacks and drinks.’ Then when I had a family I went there to do my laundry and my son would want to go to the Turkey Hill. Also, right up the street, was Tyson’s Restaurant, I remember getting chicken there. (I think they served Ice Cream too). I also remember the Fife’s store in Dallastown. There was also another little store going the other way on Main St. My grandparents lived right down the street and when we would go to their house, we would always walk there with our change and buy penny candy. I can’t remember the name of the store, but it was located where Boyd’s Furniture is now. Does anyone remember the name?”

Any suggestions for Kim? I’d love to help – especially after receiving such detailed memories!

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3 Responses to Mail call: Memories of Dallastown from Kim Anderson

  1. pamila dierdorff says:

    I remember going to Streavig’s grocery store with my dad, Leon Walker, when I was very young. I remember being so intrigued by the entrance into the store. I believe there was a ramp with a pole type handrail. For some unknown reason, this was a big thrill for me!!

  2. Debra Seaks says:

    I was also raised In Dallastown in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember the store at the West end of town as Devono’s. My mom, Janice Franklin used to walk me and my sister down there almost every night. Anyone in Dallastown remember her? She was a good person that passed away at a young age. Anyone remember US? If you have any personal memories you can email me at Now back to memories of Dallastown….leaving Devono’s store there was Reidel’s that sold X-mas trees every year. Then at the next corner was Kreig’s Plumbing. Then we lived on the opposite corner. Another good restaurant was Sal’s up near the square. They had the best chop steaks ever. I graduated with their daughter Libby. I don’t know if any of these people are still in the area or not. Another place was right at the square; I can’t remember the exact name–but I
    think it was the Cut Rite with Cheesy. We had many fountain sodas there after the Dallastown Movies on the weekend. I also remember all the other businesses mentioned in the Sunday paper.

  3. Laura Rickrode says:

    I remember all the things you mentioned. I lived outside town but walked to
    Devono’s , the movies, Cut Rite and Fifes. I remember your name but can’t put face to it. I graduated with you.

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