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Ask Joan: Primary edition

I had an especially fun “Only in York County” earlier today, when I went to vote at my polling place, Normandie Ridge in West Manchester Township. As I was registering, I heard from a poll volunteer at the table: “Are … Continue reading

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Ask Joan: Good Neighbors edition

If you haven’t already, one of the many local blogs I’d encourage you to check out is Good Neighbors. It’s managed by Rose Hayes (who you might also know as an amazing source of info on pets) and talks about … Continue reading

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Memories of Schwenk’s Newsstand from a former employee

I recently gave VERY brief mention to Schwenk’s Newsstand in this post about some old York County business matchbooks and ephemera that had been listed on eBay. In response, I received a wonderful letter from the Rev. Charles W. Keller … Continue reading

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A piece of the so-called good old days, courtesy of Jo Ott

Quite some time ago, I received this fun missive from longtime reader Jo Ott. Jo was at the York County Heritage Trust last year, doing some research on a one-room school in the Dover area. She relates, “The Trust has … Continue reading

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Ask Joan: Horseback riding follow-up edition

Sometimes, I can’t believe HOW many people in York County read Ask Joan. It’s nice, to be sure, but sometimes pretty surprising! Case in point: The number of responses I received about Heindel’s farm and the horseback riding there, in … Continue reading

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