Proof that York is everywhere, via postcards

Frequent readers probably know that my husband is a big-time collector of used books and paper – and blogs about such ephemera on his own site, Papergreat.

Well, when we travel – which is pretty often – he has a great time seeking out antique shops and vintage stores and seeing what he can find. I like to go with him, but I don’t really “collect” anything, so it usually turns into a game for me to find something bloggable! (For examples, check out the “Joan goes to the antique store” series and the not-yet-finished “Another store, another find”series.)

Well, around town, that’s pretty doable. I usually come up with a handful of items.

But you can bet I was surprised to find the postcard above… in this antique store in Bennington, Vermont!

As you can see, the card was sent to “R. Lee Parent” in Laconia, New Hampshire, in 1962. The sender, “Harold,” says he stopped at York on the first night out of a two-and-a-half-week trip.

Cost of a postcard stamp at the time? 3 cents. View into the fair of the past – which truly doesn’t look that different, except for the fashions!? Priceless.

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