1968 promotional calendar from Mac’s Hardware: Another store, another find, part 2

Remember how I said in this post back in December that I found some neat things to blog while at The Biggest “Little” Flea Market, 481 E. Market St., Hallam?

Well, today marks another installment of that collection! Check out this 1968 calendar for Mac’s Hardware, Paints & Plumbing Supplies, “If It’s Hardware We Have It.” Mac’s was at 713 Arsenal Road in York, and it had a modern-style seven-digit phone number with a 755 prefix. I blurred it out because it’s currently a residential number, and no need to do that to that poor family! :)

Any memories of Mac’s Hardware to share? Now I’m curious!

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2 Responses to 1968 promotional calendar from Mac’s Hardware: Another store, another find, part 2

  1. Jim Fahringer says:

    I remember Mac’s Hardware quite well. Mac’s occupied the same building that Buchmyer’s Pools occupies today. It is the building just west of the Rutter’s Convenience Store on the northwest corner of North Sherman Street and route 30. One of the things I remember is Mac, himself. He was always a pleasant and jovial guy who always tried to help the customer in any way he could (quite different than today’s stores). One of the first times I visited his store was for a piece of hemp rope that I needed for a Boy Scout Junior Leader’s Training weekend in the fall of 1959 at Camp Tuckahoe. We didn’t know where to find the rope so we went to Mac’s and sure enough he had it. Much later in 1970 I began teaching at the Pleasureville Elementary School. I used to do many projects in my classroom. One of the projects I had my kids do was a wooden memory box. We purchased much of the material for the memory boxes from Mac’s, including the glass panes for the front of the box. In those days Mac had almost any dimension of window pane glass you could think of. We would also purchase cheesecloth there to strain our besswax when we hand dipped candles. I also would buy paint there and sometimes Christmas lights and cords. I continued buying many things there during my teaching career at the Pleasureville Elementary School until the school closed in 1983. Mac’s was a wonderful fully stocked hardware store with friendly service.

  2. Erik says:

    I remember Mac’s Hardware very well – Mac was my grandfather – my dad Bruce ran the store for a while when I would be in the back dusting off the paint cans or finding other things to do while dad was working. I’ve not seen the store since I was a young boy in the 70’s but have fond memories of time spent there. Glad I finally found an address – thanks for that!

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