Mail call: Memories of Stony Brook Garage

Today’s letter comes from Jim Weaver of West York.

Jim writes that after reading a previous column in our print edition based on this post about former service stations, he felt compelled to write about the former Pontiac dealership.

He says, “It was the Stony Brook Garage at the intersection of E. Market St./Pleasant Acres Road. Stuart Strickler owned it.”

Funnily, I almost stopped to snap a picture of this exact place a few weeks ago, while I was at the native plant sale at the Penn State Cooperative Extension offices on Pleasant Acres Road! I was just thinking, “I wonder if that was the garage everyone was talking about.” Should’ve stopped, huh?

Speaking of pictures, Jim also wants to know if anyone has any photos of the old Stony Brook Drive-In Theater. “I would love to have a picture of it,” he says. “Went there a lot when I was a kid.”

Well, Jim, you’re in luck! “Cinema Treasures,” a website about former theaters, offers a great photo and description here, and the person who wrote that, Ross Care, also shared a gallery of images on photo-sharing site Flickr here. Please do check those out!

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