Fun postcard find: Old photo of summer cottages near Manchester

A couple of weeks ago, our whole family headed to the York Post Card Club’s annual show at the Holiday Inn. Sarah, a junior postcard collector, was on the hunt for photos featuring cowboys and Indians. Chris was trying to find, among other things, photos of Montoursville, where he spent his elementary-school years. I was helping Sarah – and, of course, looking for York County cards!

The joke was, though, that Chris found the best York County postcard.

This shows “Summer Cottages, Conenago Park, near Manchester, Pa.” On the back, the notation says “Post Cards of Quality – James Studio – York, Pa.”

Our best guess is this card is from the early 1900s.

The real question is, is “Conenago” a misprint of Conewago – or something else? Searches online don’t turn up much for EITHER Conenago or Conewago parks in that area. Our best guess is misprint, but I also can’t figure out the exact location where those cottages might be.

I’m sure it’s along the Conewago River, somewhere on the border of Conewago, East Manchester, Manchester and Newberry townships, but that’s still a pretty big range!

So any input would be much welcomed!

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3 Responses to Fun postcard find: Old photo of summer cottages near Manchester

  1. MelanieP says:

    Joan, my mom is visiting me this week from York, and I showed her the picture. She thinks it might be Elm Beach. She’s not sure if Elm Beach was part of Conewago Park, though.

  2. Paul Pick says:

    That is across the creek from the Conewago Inn. Apparently the house in the center of the photo is no longer there, but if you look closely at the photo there is one hidden by the trees directly to the left. that house still stands and looks pretty much the same as the one that is in the center of the photo.

  3. Carrie Scott says:

    The house that is hidden is 75 creek bottom road Manchester pa 17345. It was elm beach when this photo was taken. The house burnt about 10 years ago and is no longer there. Some of the pine trees are still standing and are very tall. The house in the middle is still there and I believe it was “the busy bee (or lazy bee) ranch. There is now a huge stone wall in front of it that we got in trouble for climbing on when we were kids. My pap and gram Dean and Florence Stoner owned the house that burnt. Almost every member of my family had lived in that house at least once over the years and this postcard has been printed in the York dispatch once in the past on August 13, 1992. History does repeat itself!
    Carrie Scott

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