Reader photos: Memory Lane businesses in the 1960s

Steve Kohler recently shared these photos, possibly from the mid-1960s, of several businesses in the area of East Market Street and Memory Lane. That’s his – and my – best guess on the date; any further details on when these might be from would be much welcomed!

Here you can see a former Hardee’s, and below is Mister Donut. (You can read more about that on my husband’s blog, Papergreat, in this excellent post.)

Then there’s Ernie McCall’s North Pole… which we’ve talked about OFTEN before on this blog, including here, here, here and here. If I understand correctly from other memories, this would have been in the area of what is now Route 30 and Sherman Street, is that correct?

Finally, I give you The Dog House, which is, of course, my kind of place (were it not closed before I was born!)

Steve, thank you so much for sharing – I can’t wait to see what memories these photos stir up.

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10 Responses to Reader photos: Memory Lane businesses in the 1960s

  1. Jo Ott says:

    Love the photos. It’s hard to believe that little intersection is now the very busy East Market St. & Memory Lane.

  2. Jim Fahringer says:

    The pictures around East Market Street and Memory Lane brought back a lot of memories. The Dog House was an interesting restaurant that served many different types of hot dogs. I believe they had around 55 different kinds (not sure of the exact number but it was large). For example you could get a German hot Dog which of course had sauerkrout on it. You could get an Irish Hot Dog. It had something green on it – I don’t remember what it was. A Mexican Hot Dog and many other flavors as well. I believe the Dog House was open 24 hours a day. I remember one interesting event at the Dog House. I believe my mother was there. A car drove through the front section of the restaurant causing massive damage. The restaurant stood on the northeast corner of East Market Street and Memory Lane. It did operate in the 1960’s

    I remember the Mister Donut place. It was located on the north side of East Market just west of the current mini strip mall which contains the Upper Drawer Consignment Shop, The Guitar music Shop and Shelly’s Jewelry.
    Mary MacIntosh Cleaners was located next to Mister Donut and there was a gas station on the other side which is still there today. You can actually see the gas station and dry cleaner signs in the picture.

    I used to work for Mason Dixon Trucking Lines which had a terminal on Memory Lane about a block north of the the intersection of East Market Street and Memory Lane. Across the street at approximately where the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is today is where Huntley’s Hamburgers stood. This restaurant later became Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips. Arthur Treacher’s used to have the most delicious fried fish and cheese sandwich which I often bought for my lunch. Very close to this restaurant was a go cart race track where you could rent a go cart for 15 minutes or half hour and race around the course.

    I believe your picture of Hardee’s was further east on Market Street where the Mexican Restaurant is today. The Hardee’s Restaurant stood there through the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s.

    The O.K. Corral had one of their two restaurants on Memory Lane also.

    At one time Memory was a very narrow road traveling north. As a matter of fact from the Edgcomb Steel Company at Industrial Blvd. to the Caterpillar Tractor and intersection with Loucks Road there was nothing but fields. It was actually a lonely road to travel especially for a young kid on his bicycle like me.

    Oh yes, the North Pole Drive-In served the very best submarine sandwiches. My mother and grandma loved their soft ice cream then known as Frozen Custard. Ernie McCall later built the Florida Room just east of the North Pole Drive-In complete with a swimming pool and palm trees. This cocktail restaurant was dark inside and they had black lights which made everyone look like they had a dark tan. The unnatural glow of the teeth was a bit weird.

  3. Stephen H. Smith says:

    The North Pole Drive-In had THE BEST chocolate milkshakes around! You are correct, it was located on the southeast corner of what is now Route 30 and Sherman Street.

  4. Bridget says:

    The last time I went past the old Mary McIntosh site, you could still see parts of the familiar plaid signboard that ran across the front of the store. Nice to see that some things DON’T change, they just get absorbed into new things!

  5. Jon Burke says:

    Thank you Steve Kohler for sharing these photos! On Sunday evening Aug-19, my wife Lisa and I had fun driving around East York. We were able to find the exact perspectives of each of these photos, with one twist which I’ll explain below.

    Hats off to Mr. Fahringer’s recollections above. He identified the locations of each of these landmarks well. Here’s what Lisa and I discovered during our drive about:

    1. The Dog House. First a note concerning the date of the photo. Lisa remembers going to The Dog House (so without giving away her age) this photo would need to be very late 1960’s not mid 60’s, maybe early 70’s. The perspective of this picture today would be from standing by the road in front of the Taco Bell on E. Market St facing west.
    2. Hardee’s. This was a bit more challenging. Look at the picture closely. Just behind the “SALE” sign is an A-frame house with dormers front and back. That house is still standing today. I believe Getty’s Pet Shop was built on to the front of that house. To see this house from the perspective of this photo though, you have to be standing on the east side of the current location of the Mexican restaurant building. Basically, the building is located where the sign is in the photo! The implication is that E. Market Street was originally south of it’s current location. A side note, in the distance, you can see the brick hotel building which is still standing and I think operating today. It’s located further east on E. Market St. beside the fire company.
    3. Mister Donut. There is an eye doctor or specialist at this location today. But here’s the cool thing about this photo. It’s the exact opposite perspective as that of The Dog House photo. This photo would be like standing by the road in front of the Amaco Service Center looking east toward the Memory Lane and E. Market St. intersection. You can see The Dog House sign in the distance! Use the mini-mall’s sign to locate other landmarks in both photos.
    4. The North Pole. I’ve read about this infamous landmark before. So with great interest, we set out to locate this photo. This is a great photo, the best I’ve seen of the “mysterious” drive-in. The key to this photo is the little house in the distance on the right side of the photo. Here’s where the twist comes in. I wasn’t able to find this exact perspective but I did find the exact opposite by finding the little house. I believe it stands next to Buchmyer’s Pools on Arsenal Road. That makes this a photo of N. Sherman St and Arsenal Road. This road is still in existence today. On the west side of Sherman St., it runs parallel to Rt 30 for about 2 blocks. That would make the former location of the North Pole somewhere near or in the right turn lane of Rt 30. Perhaps the good folks at Al’s Auto Parts and Service have photos of the old intersection?

    Hey this was fun! Looking forward to more photo memories and going for a drive!

    • Jean Frigm says:

      Do you remember a place on Memory Lane that had individual trampolines anchored over holes in the ground? I think it was near Huntley’s. Kids could rent a trampoline for a set time.

    • Steve Kohler says:

      Did you take photos of all of the locations? That was something I wanted to do but didn’t get around to it. I’d love to see them if you could share them. Thanks.


  6. Jon Burke says:

    1 correction to #4 above…should be “famous”, not infamous :)

  7. Jack Sparler says:

    The North Pole sold frozen custard (ice cream) and may have been the first place in York to sell submarine sandwiches (subs) as we used to pick them up for Sunday suppers in the 1950’s.

    • Jim Fahringer says:

      It was the first place I ever remember buying subs. They were delicious. Ernie McCall’s daughter is still living. She helped make the subs. I wonderful if she has the recipe or remembers how they were made. They made the subs of today almost tasteless in comparison.

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