Postcards from Penn Park and Farquhar Park

A good friend of mine recently started a part-time job at the Dover Antique Mall, and after hearing her recommendations about how cool this fairly new business is from the inside, Chris and I ventured up and spent a morning wandering around through the various vendors’ items!

I restrained myself; though there were many items I’d have loved to have, including an amazing wooden replica of a farm with all its outbuildings, I managed to get out with only a packet of uncirculated York County postcards, seen in today’s post.

None of today’s postcards are uncommon ones; longtime collectors of York cards, as I know several of my readers are, almost certainly have seen these. But I liked them and thought I’d share for those of you who might be newer to the postcard scene!

This first one is of the lily pond and bandstand at Farquhar Park in York. As with most of the cards in this set, it was published by the York News Agency.

This is the Elks’ Monument in Penn Park, also seen on a card from the York News Agency.

This card depicts the Soldiers’ and Sailor’s Monument on Penn Common, also on a York News Agency card.

This slightly older postcard is of the fountain at Penn Park, as present by J.T. Kopp (per the card’s caption). This is the only card in the set I purchased NOT published by the York News Agency; this one was by the Mayrose Co. of Linden, N.J.

The final card I purchased, also from the York News Agency, is of the fountain and bandstand at Penn Common.

All in all, I found this a nice addition of some park scenes to my collection of York County cards, which to this point had mostly consisted of downtown buildings and cityscapes!

If you’re in the Dover area (or, hey, if you want a nice Sunday drive), the antique mall is well worth checking out. It’s open Thursdays to Sundays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and it’s at 5010 Carlisle Road in Dover Township, north of the borough of Dover.

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My name is Joan and I'm a lifelong Yorker. Throughout high school and college, I swore I was getting out of here as soon as possible. Now, a few years later, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. I love my town, and I hear every day from readers who love their towns, too. So please, connect with me and let's share what makes life in York County great. I'm here to help you enjoy this place as much as I do!
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6 Responses to Postcards from Penn Park and Farquhar Park

  1. Betsy Baird says:

    Yep! I have all of them. I always liked the large fountian with the lady on
    top of it. Goldfish were in the pool there. I also have other postcards of same
    objects at different angles. And some facine south, showing faintly Reservior
    Hill. I have a picture of myself standing at that large fountain. How I loved it.
    Why did they have to get rid of all these beautiful artifacts of York
    City? Vandalism and lack of care by the City are the main reasons why they
    vanished. You can’t find these things in York anymore, nor many other places in our vicinity.

    Betsy Baird

    • Kathy Campbell says:

      I remember the goldfish too!! It was a beautiful park!! I remember climbing on the monkey bars!! M parents would take me there a lot! I lived on E South St so it was only a block away! Then later on came the riots.

  2. Mike says:

    I remember all of those things as well. I lived on Cleveland Ave. about a block and a half from Penn Park as a kid. All the kids in the neighborhood would be there every day. We played baseball there and in the summer we had days where you could do crafts and other things. I remember the goldfish as well. Moved to South Beaver St. around 1959 or 1960 and stopped going there. Brings back memories as a kid.

  3. Jo Ott says:

    With all the restoration Yorkers like to do wouldn’t it be great that someone or groups would take on projects to restore the gardens in the park & restore Penn Park back to some of its former glory. Not sure about that elk though. I never did understand the reason for its presence! Exactly what was it suppose to represent?
    I think Betsy probably answered why this would never happen though.

  4. Jim Fahringer says:

    I think the Elk’s Monument probably had something to do with the local fraternal organization known as “The Fraternal Order of Elks”. They probably donated it. The Elks headquarters are on the East side of the 2nd block of North George Street.

    When I was a little boy I loved walking around the fish ponds and fountains that were located in Penn Park and Farquhar Park. As I remember it–some parks had more than one. As I recall just about every one of the fish ponds were surrounded by a high hedge or ornamental shrubbery which allowed us to hide inside. I remember when the Parks cut down the beautiful hedges and shrubs that surrounded the fish ponds for safety reasons and some members of the community were upset. The cutting of the shrubbery was done for the safety of park visitors. It seemed that it was much easier to get mugged or robbed while visiting the fish ponds inside the circle of hedges– so the answer was to cut them down. I do not know why the actual goldfish ponds were removed from the parks.

  5. Jim Fahringer says:

    Actually, the parks may have only had one fish pond and the other pond was a lilly pond. However, I seem to remember that at times there were some goldfish swimming around the lillies also. I remember the fish ponds/lilly ponds at Penn Park and Farquhar Parks and I think there was one at Bantz Park when I was a little boy in the 1950’s. Does anyone remember any others?

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