Mail call: Hobby store memories from Paul L. Schiding

Today’s letter comes from Paul L. Schiding, seen above at left with David Kauffman and Loretta Lauer in a 2003 photo. Paul’s family owned several York stores, including a hobby shop, and today’s letter from him tells more about them!

“Naturally, I used to help in the store from about 12 yrs. on,” Paul wrote. “Delivering groceries in my coaster wagon, waiting on customers and filling shelves and selling Christmas trees. They were the days. At the time my dad died suddenly, he was president of the AG Grocery Group. He started with the ‘co-op’ when it was the Yorktowne Grocery Stores, started in the 1930s by Mr. Jacob Goldberg, whose parents were also a home-owned business.”

Paul was also seeking to get in touch with another commenter, who it turns out is his niece, Barbara Schiding Brown!

I love helping people connect through my column – but this is a good time for a reminder that I can’t give out anyone’s personal info without OKing it with them first.

And, sadly, I don’t always have a way to reach out to people who write to me to get that approval, and this case is one of those times. So, Barbara, if you’re reading this post, feel free to reach out to me if you’d like me to pass on your info to your uncle!

Meanwhile, if anyone else has memories of Schiding’s to share, please feel free to comment!

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