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A 1961 wedding reception at the Avalong Dining Room

Reader Sue Shirey shared a copy of a 1961 receipt from her sister-in-law’s wedding reception at York’s former Avalong Dining Room. The total price for 140 guests was $182!

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Collectors’ stamps of Historic York

A reader shared some of a series of Historic York, Pa., collectors’ stamps with Joan Concilio. They include the Warrington Meeting House, McCulloch Mill, Bentzel’s Mill Bridge, the John Schultz House and more.

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Mail call: Memories of 1940s get-together locales from Gloria Myers

Gloria Myers of Manchester Township shares her memories of the Ramona Restaurant, Melvin’s Drive-In, the Town Talk and Julius Dairy, all hangouts in York County, Pa., in the 1940s.

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Ask Joan: Transmission edition

The Oct. 23, 2012, edition of Ask Joan examines York Haven’s status as a Star Spangled Banner burg during World War I and seeks memories of a restaurant near York Little Theatre in the 1960s and the former Sleeger & Sons.

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A look at the Official Pennsylvania Dutch Guide-Book, a 1960s treasure

Joan Concilio shares information about York County and the Pennsylvania Dutch foods and language from the 1966 edition of the Official Pennsylvania Dutch Guidebook.

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Ask Joan: Restaurants with many names edition

The Oct. 16, 2012, edition of Ask Joan follows up on Hap Miller’s restaurant on East Market Street in York, PA, later known as Seven Cousins, Cicero’s and Archie’s.

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Mail call: A note from Robert Ranhauser, A.B. Farquhar collector

A.B. Farquhar collector Robert Ranhauser shares some trivia about Farquhar, one of York, PA’s most famous industrialists.

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Ask Joan: Old World Import Shop edition

The Oct. 9, 2012, edition of Ask Joan follows up on the Old World Import Shop, a former downtown York business.

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Ask Joan: Impromptu beach edition

The Oct. 2, 2012, edition of Ask Joan seeks information on Wall to Wall Sound and Video, Ream’s Stationery Store and Gruver’s Pharmacy, all former York County businesses.

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