Mail call: A note from Robert Ranhauser, A.B. Farquhar collector

Way back in 2010, I wrote a series here on Only in York County called Names of York, in which I looked at some of York County’s schools, parks and businesses that bear particular names and tried to give a little context to who those notable folks were.

One in that series was industrialist A.B. Farquhar.

Well, I was only providing snippets of info in that series, but I recently received a letter from someone who is MUCH more knowledgable than I about Farquhar in particular.

Today’s letter comes from Robert Ranhauser, who bills himself as an A.B. Farquhar collector!

Courtesy of the York County Heritage Trust

He writes, “I asked a friend who collects Civil War photos about A.B. Farquhar. A.B. had a nickname, and only a handful of people know it. I asked my Civil War photo collector friend the question, ‘What was A.B. Farquhar’s nickname?” Right away, he said, ‘POLLY!’ I asked him how he got the name, and he said years ago, when you went to school, you had what they called Pollyannas, where you exchanged and traded gifts.”

Well, he continues, “A.B. Farquhar was born in Maryland and went to school with a lot of the rebel generals and knew them personally. He drove to Gettysburg, PA (horse & buggy) and made deals and promised a lot of things so they wouldn’t burn York, PA, down, this is how A.B. Farquhar got his nickname Polly – they dropped the Anna! P.A. Small also helped save York, PA, but he didn’t get a nickname!”

Robert continues, “My second reason for writing is to let everyone that ever worked at the A.B. Farquhar Co. Ltd. know that the former employees are getting together the last Saturday of October, Oct. 27, at 11 a.m., for lunch.”

The contact person for that gathering is Ruthann Pentz; Robert said she can be reached at 848-5781 for details on the gathering! While he didn’t work for the company, he’ll be there, showing some of his Farquhar collection. He especially is proud of his collection of the Farquhar Bugles, the WWII shop magazine published by the company. He adds that he is still missing a few issues – so if you have any copies of the Farquhar Bugle, Robert would love to hear from you; come see him at the luncheon!

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2 Responses to Mail call: A note from Robert Ranhauser, A.B. Farquhar collector

  1. Blake Stough says:

    Joan, would you be so kind to put me into contact with Mr. Ranhauser? Before the dancehall, barn, stables, and garage of the former Shady Dell was razed, I rescued what I believe is a vintage (at least 10 feet that is new and never used) radiator hose with a Farquhar – Iron Age – York, PA marking on it. I believe it may have came from the car dealership and garage once on the property in the 1920s, and I’d like to learn more about the hose. Feel free to give him my contact information at your convenience.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. TOM RIAL says:

    Hi Joan
    I came across a trophy marked MUSHBALL CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS B
    1937 A.B. FARQUHAR CO. LTD.
    I wonder if Mr. Ranhauser would be interested in it?
    Thank You Tom Rial

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