A 1961 wedding reception at the Avalong Dining Room

I don’t often mention my best friend, Nina Roberts, here on the blog. She’s awesome, so let me start with that.

She’s the supervisor for DocuScan USA, which is a division of local company GGS. I mention that because she happens to have a team of folks working her who make up one of the most loyal Ask Joan readership groups I know!

Today’s fun piece of paper comes from one of those awesome DocuScan crew members, Sue Shirey. Sue passed on to me a receipt from her sister-in-law’s 1961 wedding reception – held at the Avalong Dining Room, one of York’s most noted former restaurants!

The reception following the wedding of Robert and Yvonne (Shirey) Falkenstine included 140 dinners at $1.25 each, plus $7 in state sales tax. Don’t I wish those prices had held for my 2005 wedding!

The Avalong has long been a popular Only in York County memory topic. Previous posts:

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Thank you, Sue, for sharing this – and for being a loyal fan and good friend!

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