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Print your own York International Animal-Time Coloring Book!

Joan Concilio found a copy of an undated York Corp. animal-themed coloring book. The maker of large refrigeration equipment distributed this book to describe its products to both kids and parents.

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Ask Joan: Bonus follow-up edition

The Jan. 12, 2013, edition of Ask Joan follows up on questions about Mr. Pershing’s dance studio (actually, Mr. Persing, as we find out!) as well as the former Acme at Belmont Street in York and former York plumbers Blum and Eyster.

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Apple pie and peach bread recipes from former Congressman George A. Goodling

Joan Concilio shares an early 1970s cookbook distributed by former U.S. Rep. George A. Goodling, a Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania. It included recipes for Dutch Kitchen Apple Pie and Peach Bread.

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Ask Joan: Undecorating edition

The Jan. 8, 2013, edition of Ask Joan examines how the Violet Hill neighborhood outside York, PA, got its name, whether any D.E. Jones stores remain in operation, and what happened to an old barn in the Laurel Estates area of Hellam.

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Even more A&P shopping memories

Readers Bessie Yoder and David Knisely share their memories of shopping at and working at the former A&P grocery chain in York County, PA.

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