Ask Joan: Mulching edition

The end of my mulching for this year is in sight. It’s not QUITE finished yet, but it’s looking better all the time. Why did I buy a home with so much garden included, again, when I hate to garden? :)

What’s inside
1. Former Damon’s becoming WellSpan practice
2. Seeking information on Piccalo’s/Piccolo’s
3. Whereabouts of Catholic high school

1. I ride by the old Damon’s buidling every day at the corner of Roosevelt and Rt.30, but over the last (month) or so they’ve demolished the building. Kinsley is in there but there aren’t any signs anywhere that say what is going to be built there. Any idea?
– Tina

Hey Tina, thanks for checking on that!

That’s actually going to become a WellSpan family medical practice – details are available here!

I hope that helps!

2. I remember a restaurant called Piccalo’s (Piccolo’s?). It sat about where the George Street exit off I-83 is now. I think it was a bar and restaurant. I remember going there sometimes on Friday evenings for dinner, spaghetti and meatballs. Yum! Does anyone know if they went somewhere else?
– Ann Brown

I was wondering at first if this was an earlier incarnation of what is now The Cove and was previously Emerson’s and some other establishments, or something separate. Any comments for Ann would be welcome!

3. In March, reader Dan Noble asked for photos of a Catholic high school formerly in York, giving its location as at King and West streets.

I heard from Henry Dennis, who wrote, “There are no photos of the old Catholic high school from the 1940s or ’50s on King and West streets because the school at King and West was Lincoln Elementary School. I started there in 1947. The Catholic high you’re referring to is now the New Hope Academy at 459 W. King St.”

Well, that’s good to know! I am still hoping someone will have a photo of this Catholic school – anyone have one to share?

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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My name is Joan and I'm a lifelong Yorker. Throughout high school and college, I swore I was getting out of here as soon as possible. Now, a few years later, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. I love my town, and I hear every day from readers who love their towns, too. So please, connect with me and let's share what makes life in York County great. I'm here to help you enjoy this place as much as I do!
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  1. Jim Fahringer says:

    Piccolo’s was located just beyond the York Hospital anthe same side of South George Street. My mother worked there as a waitress when I was a little boy (probably from around 1950-1954). My dad would often take me with him in the car when he drove my mother to and from work. She used to tell me stories about the rather sensitive foriegn cook (possibly French Moroccan – he was not Italian) and his disagreements with the older Mrs. Piccolo. The cook would often watch Mrs. Piccolo with eagle eyes as she sometimes tampered with his cooking which made him very mad. As I recall, my mom told me a story that the cook one time ran the older Mrs. Piccolo out of his kitchen with a butcher knife. Piccolo’s was a very popular restaurant in those days. Stephen H. Smith wrote about this family and their restaurant and hotel in what has become known as Violet Hill. Here is the link to Stephen Smith’s Past york blog.

  2. Joan . . . I discovered that Joe LoPiccolo died during 1946, which is about the last time I saw his restaurant called the Violet Hill Cafe. It is very likely, that after he died, his wife changed the name of the restaurant to Piccolo’s. Joe’s wife lived into her 90s, she was a native of France per the 1940 Census. It has been several weeks since I’ve written letters to several of their grandchildren for more details, however no responses thus far.

  3. Brenda Neff says:

    Since people are looking up old locations, I am wondering if anyone would have information on the 11th Ward Hotel in York City or The Alveni that was to have been at 244 West Market Street. My first ancestor to the US, George Munchel, lived at The Alveni in the mid 1850s prior to purchasing property in York. He was a shoemaker at the corner of West Market and North Newberry Streets. In later years he was listed as a saloon keeper. York Heritage Trust told me that Market Street had been renumbered in the past and that 244 today may not have been where 244 is today. That building today still has a grain elevator so I doubt it was a residence then.

  4. Brenda Neff says:

    I need to correct an error. That’s the 9th Ward House, not the 11th.

  5. Brenda Neff says:

    In digging deeper on I find the name Alvina. Wondering now if that could be the Alveni.

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